*Drives Mack truck through plot hole*
Sat Jul 22, 2017 05:38

"Tiny Toons" ref. *clears throat* Wrong show. ;)

You're probably the first person to notice this. Maybe since Crazy Edie was the only woman that had anything to do with the contest, all the guys inferred that she was the "Queen of Sheba"? *shrugs*

  • "Sound and the Furry" plot hole?Gabe Bennett, Fri Jul 21 15:22
    Was just thinking about this the other day: Near the end, when Wildcat is about to get greased-and-spooned by the angry mob, he's saved when one of his "lobsters" implicates Crazy Edie via charades.... more
    • *Drives Mack truck through plot hole* — Ann29, Sat Jul 22 05:38
      • Re: *Drives Mack truck through plot hole*Gabe Bennett, Mon Jul 24 15:42
        I thought about that, but I don't think it's likely that she'd be the *only* woman there. Not at an event that large; certainly there'd at least be women in the audience. But then, maybe they... more
        • Maybe...Ann29, Tue Jul 25 05:01
          Crazy Edie tells all the pilots that if they call her "Queen of Sheba", she'll give them a discount? Or maybe not. ;)
          • Re: Maybe...Gabe Bennett, Mon Jul 31 08:46
            Now that's an amusing thought, LOL. Although I can't imagine someone like Edie giving anyone a discount for anything. :p
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