Gabe Bennett
Re: *Drives Mack truck through plot hole*
Mon Jul 24, 2017 15:42

I thought about that, but I don't think it's likely that she'd be the *only* woman there. Not at an event that large; certainly there'd at least be women in the audience. But then, maybe they reasoned that she was the only woman there who would've had opportunity to sabotage the planes? I dunno.

  • *Drives Mack truck through plot hole*Ann29, Sat Jul 22 05:38
    "Tiny Toons" ref. *clears throat* Wrong show. ;) You're probably the first person to notice this. Maybe since Crazy Edie was the only woman that had anything to do with the contest, all the guys... more
    • Re: *Drives Mack truck through plot hole* — Gabe Bennett, Mon Jul 24 15:42
      • Maybe...Ann29, Tue Jul 25 05:01
        Crazy Edie tells all the pilots that if they call her "Queen of Sheba", she'll give them a discount? Or maybe not. ;)
        • Re: Maybe...Gabe Bennett, Mon Jul 31 08:46
          Now that's an amusing thought, LOL. Although I can't imagine someone like Edie giving anyone a discount for anything. :p
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