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Disco (the shadycat)
I know exactly the one you mean, but...
Sat Dec 2, 2017 17:05

I don't remember the exact wording either. Pretty sure it's from "A Bad Reflection on You".

  • Exact Rebecca quoteRhio2k, Sat Dec 2 16:08
    There was an episode where Becky was just getting confused and fed up with something that Baloo and Kit were doing behind her back, and she says something like "I give up, my head hurts, I'm going to ... more
    • I know exactly the one you mean, but... — Disco (the shadycat), Sat Dec 2 17:05
      • Thanks, I now have a start on where to search!
        • Found it! A Baloo Switcheroo Kit: (in Baloo's voice) Wait, where ya goin, Beckers? Becky: To take an aspirin, I have a headache, my ears hurt, I'm going crazy!
          • D'oh.Disco (the shadycat), Mon Dec 4 11:08
            I was thinking of the right episode but misremembered the title.
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