Gabe Bennett
Re: So sorry to hear that!
Thu Sep 13, 2018 16:29

Thanks, Ann29! We really appreciate it! Every little bit helps right now. Yes, it went well. Check out the latest video I just posted for a rundown on everything that happened.

  • So sorry to hear that!Ann29, Tue Aug 21 15:10
    I'm glad doctors caught it early, and I hope your wife's surgery went smoothly. Definitely donating and I'll pass the word along. :)
    • Re: So sorry to hear that! — Gabe Bennett, Thu Sep 13 16:29
      • Happy to hear...Ann29, Tue Sep 18 05:04
        that the surgery went better than expected, barring the first solid food incident. What were the doctors thinking, letting her eat solids that soon after surgery?? Here's to a speedy recovery! :)
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