Gabe Bennett
UPDATE: Chemo, Day 1!
Thu Oct 4, 2018 18:18

The big day finally came! This is also our first "talkie" video.

YouTube video: UPDATE: Chemo, Day 1

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    I never dreamed I would ever have to post something like this. For months now, my wife Joanie, has been suffering from bowel issues following the birth of our daughter, Gabbie Kate, last September.... more
    • We now have a Facebook page!Gabe Bennett, Wed Oct 17 11:39
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    • UPDATE: Chemo, Day 1! — Gabe Bennett, Thu Oct 4 18:18
    • UPDATE: Here's Part 3!Gabe Bennett, Wed Sep 26 16:03
      Part 3 is here! Just a quick update this time. YouTube Video: UPDATE: More Surgery, a Mix-Up and an Unexpected Bonus Donation Links: PayPal GoFundMe
    • UPDATE Part 2 is here!Gabe Bennett, Thu Sep 13 16:19
      Part 2 is here with the latest info on Joanie's recent surgery, her prognosis, upcoming treatment and more! Lots of things to cover things to cover this time. Like and share and please give if you... more
    • So sorry to hear that!Ann29, Tue Aug 21 15:10
      I'm glad doctors caught it early, and I hope your wife's surgery went smoothly. Definitely donating and I'll pass the word along. :)
      • Re: So sorry to hear that!Gabe Bennett, Thu Sep 13 16:29
        Thanks, Ann29! We really appreciate it! Every little bit helps right now. Yes, it went well. Check out the latest video I just posted for a rundown on everything that happened.
        • Happy to hear...Ann29, Tue Sep 18 05:04
          that the surgery went better than expected, barring the first solid food incident. What were the doctors thinking, letting her eat solids that soon after surgery?? Here's to a speedy recovery! :)
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