Disco (the shadycat)
Re: Agreed
Sun Sep 8, 2019 23:49

To be fair, after this exchange I watched most of the new Ducktales second season online. Barring the Karnage travesty, I enjoyed most of it. I thought the backstory they gave for the origin of Darkwing Duck was very clever.

I also don't miss the brothers having Donald-type voices, strangely, and David Tennant is great as Scrooge.

  • AgreedAnn29, Sat Sep 7 07:24
    Glad to see TaleSpin is not forgotten, but like you said, Disco, the timelines are skewed. Kit and Molly would be way older unless Baloo and company found the Fountain of Youth during one of their... more
    • Re: Agreed — Disco (the shadycat), Sun Sep 8 23:49
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