Re: Database Next Link Does Not Work
Sat Aug 22, 2009 13:30

I found your two DBApps.

http://yourwebapps.com/WebApps/db-view.cgi?db=124643 has a next page and the
Next Page button appears to be working properly.

http://yourwebapps.com/WebApps/db-view.cgi?db=124629 does not have a next page
yet so the next page button has not appeared.

  • Database Next Link Does Not Worklouisianagenealogyblogs, Sat Aug 22 12:59
    Hello, my database next link is down and gives a 404 message. Can someone tell me why? louisianagenealogyblogs@gmail.com THANKS!
    • Re: Database Next Link Does Not Work — Tamara, Sat Aug 22 13:30
      • RE Re: Database Next Link Does Not WorkLouisiana Genealogy Blogs, Sat Aug 22 13:56
        Maybe the browser I was using caused an error? Opera 9.2? I don't know what happened, but the entry page NEXT button yeilded a 404 error. In Firefox the NEXT button appears now. Odd.
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