Re: Help needed with new posts
Tue Dec 8, 2009 07:57

What happens when you go to http://yourwebapps.com and login using the login box at the
bottom of the page?

  • Help needed with new postsBeverly Kahler, Tue Dec 8 07:28
    Good morning. When I receive your Web Apps report by email, and click on to see the newest addition of who posted, it asks me to sign on first and it never lets me go to that page.
    • Re: Help needed with new posts — Tamara, Tue Dec 8 07:57
      • Re: Help needed with new postsBevDaBronxbabe, Tue Dec 8 08:02
        After I click on it in the email, it takes me to the logon page and after that it only takes me to the controls of all the apps. The page with all the different links, not to view the new addition.
    • P.S.Beverly Kahler, Tue Dec 8 07:29
      108937 is my ID
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