How to Block IP Addresses
Wed Jul 14, 2010 13:05

We have a DB form and keep getting spam messages. How do we block IP addresses? The options under security don't allow you to enter ip address to block someone... Please advise?

    • Re: How to Block IP AddressesSean Brunnock, Wed Jul 14 19:57
      I take it that the "Disallow repeat submissions" option isn't working out?
      • Re: How to Block IP Addressesacc, Sun Jul 18 12:17
        We want other people to be able to post as much as they want, but when people post spam from the same ip address, we need to be able to block them but at the same time, allow people to post as many... more
        • Re: How to Block IP AddressesSean Brunnock, Sun Jul 18 15:09
          hope that makes sense... Yes, it does. Do you just want to block IPs or do you want a full ACL like our DiscussionApps?
          • Just block IP'sacc, Thu Jul 22 11:39
            I have about 4 ip addresess that I want to block
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