Someone is spamming my DB
Mon Mar 5, 2012 19:35

Hello, I have someone who keeps spamming my DB. I already blocked their IP Address but they must keep changing it and keeps hitting the submit button over and over to put up the same messages. I can't use the "disallow repeat submissions" because I want to allow others to be able to post multiple jobs. Is there a way to block this person from constantly hitting the submit button... can you block by email address, block more than just the six ip address fields, etc... I need a solution fast?

    • Please contact support@yourwebapps.comSean Brunnock, Tue Mar 6 06:05
      Please send a message to with the URL for your DBApp. Thanks.
    • spamacc, Mon Mar 5 19:48
      I just noticed the person changes their email address but has the same phone number... maybe this is an option of blocking them as well.
    • stop spammersacc, Mon Mar 5 19:42
      Is there any way to add a captcha... there has to be a way to stop people from contantly hitting the submit button over but still allowing others who don't spam to post as much as they want....
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