Sean Brunnock
Thu Feb 28, 2013 10:48

We just installed a new version of the DBApp.

Here are the major changes-

  • More options when changing your DBApp's appearance. You can elect to use a default style sheet and color scheme.

  • Preview page when changing your DBApp's appearance.

  • The enter, search, and guestbook pages use vertically oriented DIVs instead of a grid oriented table. These pages now show up more legibly on small, mobile screens.

  • Style sheet selectors have been revamped. They are documented on . If necessary, you can update your style sheet with the new selectors; Or you can just use our default style sheet and one of our color schemes.

We tried to make the changes unobtrusive and we made it easier for you to update your DBApp's appearance. If you are encountering difficulties, please let us know by responding here.

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