Mon May 23, 2016 19:55

Is it possible to have a function whereby you can enter a date and time for the database to switch status from View Entries, to Submit Entries.

View Entries (Activated on 05/23/2016 at 2:00PM)
Submit Entries (default)

  • Database Timerricpdx2000, Fri Sep 21 23:54
    I use the DBApp for competitions on a horse racing website. I wonder whether you are able in future to add a feature to DBApp that enables a timer to be able to be used to switch a selected DBApp... more
    • Update — ricpdx2000, Mon May 23 19:55
    • Timerricpdx2000, Mon Sep 24 19:25
      Unfortunately that would not work. WHat would work would be a timer option which enables you to enter a preset date and time, and function (ON/OFF). Ie, the form would be set to open or close at a... more
      • Re: TimerAnonymous, Mon Sep 24 19:34
        Unfortunately not Sean. The DBApp is used for players to enter horse racing picks and to hid players picks from each other until a specified time. then once that time elapsed the view function is... more
    • Re: Database TimerSean Brunnock, Sat Sep 22 11:22
      Would an option to delete records that were entered after a specified time suffice?
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