Database App
Mon Dec 12, 2016 19:28

I have a question about the Database App which I use for my website which is a competition based website, whereby users enter data into the webapp.

What I am trying to achieve is to AUTOMATE the status of the webapp so that it starts with the status "OPEN, Submit data".

But then at a predetermined time, the status automatically changes to CLOSE, or View Data only.

So for example, if i could preset a date and time for the form to switch status from SUBMIT, to View Only.

Is this possible?

    • Re: Database Appricpdx2000, Sat Dec 31 20:10
      Hi Sean First of all happy new year to you and your team. I wondered if you had any updates for me on the issue I raised in this post and if you have an ETA for completion Ric
      • updatericpdx2000, Wed Jan 11 18:54
        any news on this Sean?
        • DoneSean Brunnock, Thu Jan 19 10:48
          You can change the future permissions in a new section below the current permissions on your admin page. Would you like to check this? Please let us know of any issues.
          • Re: Donericpdx2000, Thu Jan 19 15:53
            Sean Thanks for this but in additon to the date it also needs to work for the time as well. SO both the day and the time needs to be entered
            • Re: DoneSean Brunnock, Mon Jan 23 08:11
              I'm afraid that's going to be more work than I'm willing to do presently.
              • Re: DoneAnonymous, Mon Jan 23 15:18
                OK Sean i understand
        • working on it... (nm)Sean Brunnock, Tue Jan 17 10:58
    • Re: Database AppSean Brunnock, Thu Dec 15 10:29
      After entries are closed, I take it that you want the DB to be entirely private? The public will not be able to submit to or read from your DB?
      • Re: Database AppAnonymous, Thu Dec 15 11:02
        when the entries are closed ANYONE can view the entries
    • Re: Database AppSean Brunnock, Wed Dec 14 09:59
      >Is this possible? Not currently. I can implement it, but not right now. I'll need a couple of weeks. Sorry.
      • Re: Database Appricpdx2000, Wed Dec 14 14:07
        that would be great if you coud do that in a couple of weeks
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