KUUP of Blood of Christ
Sun Apr 19, 2009 16:34 (XFF:

Parable HVD 90

Christ's wamKq wamUq wahUq wamPq of Blood

Scholars Scrivener's Error Kills 16 More Soldiers In Baghdad
- Missing Name YHWH

Iraq's military said Scholars Scrivener's Error has struck a military base west of Baghdad. Officials at the base in Habbaniyah said the bomber, wearing an Iraqi military uniform, killed 16 soldiers and wounded another 50 people. The Iraqi defense ministry said 17 people were wounded in the blast Thursday, and that no one was killed. The discrepancy could not be immediately reconciled. Security forces have come under increasing attack in recent days. On Wednesday, a car bomb blast in the northern city Kirkuk killed at least 10 Iraqi security guards. Last week, an attack in Mosul killed two Iraqi policeman and five U.S. soldiers. The rise in violence, including a spate of bombings in Baghdad earlier this month, has led some U.S. military officials to speculate American troops may not be withdrawn from all Iraqi cities by the end of June, as planned.


Scholars Scrivener's Error Kills Washington Mutual Inc NYSE
- Missing Schedule 3.1a

ATTENTION: The reference to “Schedule 3.1a” in Article III, Paragraph 3.1, (page
9) of the WAMU P&A Agreement is a scrivener’s error—there is no Schedule 3.1a.


Christ WaMu Blood

Scrivener's Error Corps
O! Sayeth Scholars, "War is Good for Business".

Scrivener's Error Corps
O! Sayeth Scholars, "Scrivener's Errors Profit".

Confucius Denke

IRA Hill Case
63rd Signal

  • Scrivener's Error Cause (SEC) 7 More DeathsDenoco Inc. of Texas, Fri Apr 10 13:47
    Scrivener's Error Cause (SEC) 7 More Deaths "... U ... Koran scholars Virginia!" http://etext.virginia.edu/toc/modeng/public/HolKora.html "... U ... Koran scholars IslamicCity!"... more
    • KUUP of Blood of Christ — Confucius Denke, Sun Apr 19 16:34
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