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G Denke
Gold Relics inside Brasen Altar under Heel Stone
Mon Aug 22, 2011 10:15

Gold Relics inside Brasen Altar under Heel Stone
Prehistoric Rock Sculptures Discovered in Ukraine: Another Stonehenge?

Office of Works, now Department for Culture, Media and Sport (Secretary): Jeremy Hunt; National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty (Board of Trustees): Simon Jenkins, Sir Laurie Magnus Bt, Patrick Casement, Sir Crispin Davis, Richard Farrant, Sir Edward Greenwell, Charles Gurassa, Nichola Johnson, Sir Mark Jones, Adrian Phillips, Michael Quicke, Mary Villiers; Historic Building and Monuments Commission for England (Chair): Baroness Kay Andrews; (Commissioners): Lynda Addison, Maria Adebowale, Joyce Bridges, Manish Chande, Sir Barry Cunliffe, David Fursdon, Ronald Hutton, Jane Kennedy, John Walker, Elizabeth Williamson; (Chief Executive): Simon Thurley; (Executive Directors): Mark Pemberton, Edward Impey, Deborah Lamb, Keith Harrison; are not interested in obtaining a satisfactory examination.

Rev. Washington's Foxhound Kennel Billboard (1653)
Scroll Trench, Stonehenge, Great Britain, UK
Heelstone lion head, calf head, man face
(clockwise) flying eagle wings centering
On the map, in Google Earth (KML)

History has proven it an was excellent hiding place.
Where would have you hid it?
"I like rocks."


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