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Calcium hydroxide and Bluestone pozzolan: A hydraulic cement
Tue Aug 23, 2011 11:07

Heelstone core samples: Calcium hydroxide and Bluestone pozzolan; 1656

Doctor Garry Whilhelm Denke, Sr (b. April 19, 1622; d. February 19, 1699), the German historian, antiquarian and dentist, augered the Heelstone core samples from within Scroll Trench in 1656. Reverend Laurence Washington (b. November 2, 1602; d. January 21, 1653) heirs of Foxhound Kennel in Great Britain at Stonehenge granted permit to drill the Cement filled Brass altar of burnt offering (5c-5c-3c) containing Gold artifacts.

Cement slurry consisting of Calcium hydroxide [Ca(OH)2] and Bluestone pozzolan [Volcanic ash (Tuff)] had preserved the Gold mercy seat (2.5c-1.5c), the Gold ark of the testimony (2.5c-1.5c-1.5c), the Gold table for the showbread (2c-1c-1.5c), the Gold candlestick, the Gold ephod-girdle, the Gold breastplate, and the Gold altar of incense (1c-1c-2c) Exodus Tabernacle artifacts located below the Heelstone at Stonehenge.


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