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Shine on Harvest Moon
Tue Sep 6, 2011 18:10

Queen of Jungles

Heelstone Lion (cat), Stonehenge

Panthera is a genus of the family Felidae (cats), which contains 4 well-known living species: the tiger, the lion, the jaguar, and the leopard. The genus comprises about half of the Pantherinae subfamily, the big cats. The word panther, while technically referring to all members of the genus, is commonly used to specifically designate the black panther. Only the 4 Panthera cat species have the anatomical structure that enables them to roar.

Heelstone Bear (dog), Stonehenge

Amphicyonids, often referred to as "bear-dogs", crossed from Europe to North America during the Miocene epoch and are considered an Old World taxon. Bears are mammals classified as caniforms, or dog-like carnivorans, quite larger than dogs. Gray wolves are all Canis lupus subspecies except 2, the domestic dog and dingo. Hounds assist hunters by identifying the location of prey, but it is the Retriever who recovers the quarry.,_Stonehenge,_Great_Britain,_UK

Heelstone Leopard (cat), Stonehenge

Pantheon, literally "a temple of all gods", or "common to all gods", is a set of all the gods of a particular polytheistic religion or mythology. Pantheon can also refer to a temple or sacred building explicitly dedicated to "all deities", avoiding the difficulty of giving an exhaustive list. The most famous such structure is the Pantheon of Rome, built in the year 27 B.C. That building was dedicated to "all gods" as a gesture to embrace syncretism.

Heelstone Gofer (you), Stonehenge

September '11 autumnal equinox occurs on the 23rd at 9:04 a.m. UTC, best time for a warm TCUMR and sparing anymore damage to the '10+1=11 and 11-3=8' artifacts. Gofer wood, or Worm wood? Decisions, decisions. (relics West to East order: ark / seat / ephod-girdle / breastplate / altar / candlestick / table). Best nights for seeing the Harvest Moon are September 11, 12, 13 in the U.S., and Two-Bears, the Leopard's 4 heads 4 holes.

Ancient of Days

  • Garden Graviton ΣΧercise ΜΟreDenoco Inc. of Texas, Sat Mar 14 13:46
    Apostles Print (AP) BAC LEH WM PAC My name is Minor Millikin; I live in Hamilton, I am a man of few words - Erodelphian Literary Society - Record from SIGma Chi Fraternity Sir Interesting Graviton... more
    • Shine on Harvest Moon — Ancient of Days, Tue Sep 6 18:10
    • site changes or am I losing it?michele, Mon Mar 16 22:24
      hhm I used the same link I did before, but cannot find any posts... Maybe I have just been on this puter too long???
      • BEWARE michele BEWAREGarry Owen Denke, Tue Mar 17 07:32
        Happy Saint Patrick's Day 2009 michele May the Irish hills caress you. May her lakes and rivers bless you. May the luck of the Irish enfold you. May the blessings of Saint Patrick behold you. Garry... more
        • Happy St Patricks Day to you!michele, Tue Mar 17 13:37
          You've heard I suppose, long ago, How the snakes, in a manner most antic, He marched to the county Mayo, And trundled them into th' Atlantic ~William Maginn For each petal on the shamrock This brings ... more
          • Re: Happy St Patricks Day to you!Mikey, Tue Mar 17 18:25
   AIM high AIM low Just AIM
            • Happy Saint Patrick's Day 2009Geo. Owen D, Tue Mar 17 22:20
              Happy Saint Patrick's Day 2009 O! Say See, Yahoo! Events St. Patrick's Day Separating the Truth from the Blarney May the Irish hills caress you. May her... more
              • River, River, River, RiverY H W H, Wed Mar 18 00:08
                Four (4) Heads Garden, ... more
            • POSH siteMikey, Tue Mar 17 18:47
              (Randy Bachman and Burton Cummings) THESE EYES cry every night for you These arms long to hold you again The hurtin's on me, yeah And I will never be free, no, my baby, no no You gave a promise to... more
              • Turcaud-Conrad Reversal 24 DaysYHWH Allah, el al, Wed Mar 18 17:01
      ,,,,, SigINT SigNET 24 頌 24 孔夫子 The Milky Way Galaxy God... more
                • WARNING: Fire and Flames emit No LightAncient of Days, Tue Mar 24 04:03
                  Pope PixieGirl, the Bishop of Party Vibe, & Apostles This Letter serves as Ancient Notice (AN) from the ancient Angel Of Light (AOL) same authoured by the Ancient of Days (AD) Homo erectus himself to ... more
                  • Was macht, ärgerten Sie so? Es ist Sie, die zu mir gelogen haben
                    • Star Networks Inc.God Almighty, Thu Mar 26 02:13
                      LEH $12.00 P ! WM $12.00 P ! A ! Long Life Milky Way Galaxy ! 1 tree -... more
                  • Re: WARNING: Fire and Flames emit No LightAnonymous, Wed Mar 25 00:38
                    Mr Homo erectus have* heat? Buy ice cubes U know where to put them
                    • PixieGirl de Pope!GOD, Thu Mar 26 02:16
                      p0lygon-Window - he couldnt help but post it three times, lame garry very lame You're right Dumb ..., I could Post it 30 Times And dumb ... you Would still Not know There is NO tranzmission 11 April. ... more
                  • Gravity Busters, U.S.A.Garden Key, R., Tue Mar 24 04:09
                    The Smithsonian / NASA Astrophysics Data System Time scale for magnetic reversal and the topological nonconnectivity threshold Celardo, G. L.; Barré, J.; Borgonovi, F.; Ruffo, S. Physical Review E,... more
                    • Happy Easter ! Wester ! 7 DaysYHWH Allah, Sat Apr 4 19:21
                      Happy Easter ! Wester ! 7 Days,,,,,, more
      • Re: site changes or am I losing it?Archaeology Admin, Tue Mar 17 07:21
        A number of posts were removed because they did not appear to relate to archaeology.
        • Jesuspmj, Tue Mar 17 17:10
 GD yahoo POSH
          • Le Terrible! Le Terrible!GDenke @, Tue Mar 17 22:36
            Good To Go! Good To Go! Good To Go! Surface your Turtles (in time) Turcaud-Conrad Universal Magnetic Reversal is Coming... more
            • submarineMikey, Tue Mar 17 22:55
              On one in hawaii Twas cool
              • HSPD (Happy St. Paddy's Day)Garry Owen D, Tue Mar 17 23:54
                Time^4 / Space^4 the universe; 1.23456789?... E-34 Time^4... more
                • O! Sweet Sixteen - Just 16 Days!The Easter Bunny, Thu Mar 26 17:06
                  Sweet 16 List of Best Reasons to Believe in the Easter Bunny I Believe in the Easter Bunny O! Sweet Sixteen... more
                  • K-mart?mikey, Sat Mar 28 22:57
                    Bad advertising...they forgot one key thing...the date of the parties and who would go to Kmart for anything? ROFLMAO
                    • the Devil, and SatanO! Lucifer, Mon Mar 30 09:43
                      the Devil, and Satan Right on Time! Engineered tolerance (+/- 666 seconds) Measured tolerance (+/- 6 seconds) ) Saturday 11th April 2009 A.D. 11:00 ... more
            • decisionmichele, Tue Mar 17 22:54
              Hope u made decision based on thought process and not pic I'd hate to think u were that shallow PS was after a very very rough night of partying and 4 hours sleep LOL I can be a bright shiny penny... more
              • HSPD (Happy St. Paddy's Day)Garry Owen D, Tue Mar 17 23:47
                Space^4 Time^4... more
                • HSPDpmj, Wed Mar 18 01:28
                  Celebrated as always NOT Who said talk was cheap... They never tried to talk to u PS Anna is airhead JMHO and FTWWTF talks PG, one time & let it go... Bis Morgen
                  • Better Than WesSexMr. Garry W. Denke, Thu Mar 19 11:26
                    So, how is Andrew J. Lawson? O! thanks for All the Letters. What did He say, Yawn. Mr. Garry W. Denke "Lawson Letters" 63rd Signal 'C' 4-Aces File
                    • Andrew J. Lawson TheftDenoco Inc. of Texas, Thu Mar 19 13:11
                      Hey if you talk to Andy again tell him Garry wants his Late Cretaceous fossils time-chart (Chronology; Fossils of Late Cretaceous) returned that Garry kindly loaned to Andy back in the Spring of... more
          • not u memichele, Tue Mar 17 17:39
            board game understood
            • Andrew J. Lawson TheftDenoco Inc. of Texas, Thu Mar 19 13:20
              Hey if you talk to Andy again tell him Garry wants his Late Cretaceous fossils time-chart (Chronology; Fossils of Late Cretaceous) returned that Garry so kindly loaned to Andy back in the Spring of... more
              • Scrivener's Error Corrected (SEC)The Easter Bunny, Fri Mar 27 04:43
                Osama Bin Laden is A Piker! (AP) OBL is A Piker! (AP) He (OBL) does NOT Believe in The Easter Bunny. A! He is fired. He is A Piker. YHWH Allah The Easter Bunny -- Apostles Print (AP) O! Sweet Sixteen ... more
            • Galaxy Colliding is Lots of FunYHWH Allah, el al, Thu Mar 19 10:59
              NASA - Galaxies Collide O! Say See the Milky Way Galaxy... more
              • In Hoc Signo VincesGarry Denke, Sat Mar 21 11:55
                BAC JAC 21 DAYS (Tree 3 Weeks) Turcaud-Conrad Universal Magnetic Reversal is coming - Candela (cd) decreasing from Norm - WE ARE saturday 11 April '09 AD 11:00 AM gmt WE ARE - only 21 days GD In The... more
                • Happy Easter ! Wester ! 7 DaysSiddhartha Allah, Sat Apr 4 17:55
                  Happy Easter ! Wester ! 7 Days,,,,,, more
                  • King of SalemGarry Denke, Sun Apr 19 16:05
                    By the Order of Melchizedek king of Salem And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole... more
                    • King of Salem - Thirty (30) DaysShangdi 上帝 Pangu 盤古 Ti, Thu May 21 21:32
                      Thirty (30) Days - Coming this Summer Solstice '09 on Ancient Easter-Wester the Turcaud-Conrad Universal Magnetic Reversal - candela (cd) Decreasing from Norm - I AM on Saturday 20th June 2009 A.D.... more
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