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Ark of the Covenant @ Stonehenge
Sat Dec 3, 2016 13:01

"Actually, Daniel and I packed our 7 Spirits; e.g., 1st Spirit gold Mercy seat, 2nd Spirit gold Ark of the Testimony, 3rd Spirit gold Table for the Shewbread, 4th Spirit gold Candlestick, 5th Spirit gold Ephod-Girdle, 6th Spirit gold Breastplate, and our 7th Spirit gold Altar of Incense (4 horns), together with Moses' skeleton and Torah scroll (2 horns), inside our brass Altar of Burnt Offering (4 horns), and cemented with Pozzolanic concrete that same 10 horns Mishkan inside eastern Scroll Trench, capping them with Heelstone. Are they still there; below Ezekiel's lion head, calf head, man face, and flying eagle; below Daniel's lion head, eagle's wings, bear head, and leopard head? 'Yes, that 10 horns Mishkan still is, even Ezekiel's iron wheels', confirmed Kate Davies, general manager of Stonehenge. Go figure? Shofar." G-D


Washington's Testament, 21 January 1653,
Little Braxted, Essex County, England G.B.

On his deathbed Rev. Laurence Washington (1602-1653) ancestor of U.S. first President George Washington (1732-1799) who inherited from his father Sir Laurence Washington (1579-1643) ownership of Stonehenge in Great Britain said;
Embedded in the Ancient's Concrete mixture of 1 part Bluestone and 3 parts Limestone cement, four feet (4 ft, 1.2 m) below my Helestone in Wilts, is my brass Altar of Burnt Offering (5c-5c-3c) containing my Seven (7) gold Tabernacle relics:
My gold Mercy Seat (2.5c-1.5c), my gold Ark of the Testimony (2.5c-1.5c-1.5c), my gold Table for the Shewbread (2c-1c-1.5c), my gold Candlestick, my gold Ephod-Girdle, my gold Breastplate, and my gold Altar of Incense (1c-1c-2c), are there.

Elizabeth Washington, baptized at
Tring Parish, 17 August 1636
Herefordshire, England


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