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not evolved?
Sat Dec 17, 2016 23:15

I grow increasingly convinced that Homo Sapiens had no ancestor. Our species is 200,000 years old, but present day Homo Sapiens carries thousands of genetic disorders, orders of magnitude more than species going back millions of years. We now know we coexisted (sometimes in the same time and place) with the hominids once believed to be ourancestors. None of them had foot arches. Our angles of muscle to bone is all wrong, making us the weakest primate. Our eye sockets are wrong. Even ourchromosone count is wrong. Somehow #s 2&3 were spliced together. Further down our genes contrain other splices, even wbatcould be described as clumsy lab errors (which explains many genetic diseases). I could go on, but it is perhaps much more accurate

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