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Wed Mar 18, 2009 01:28 (XFF:

Celebrated as always NOT

Who said talk was cheap...

They never tried to talk to u

PS Anna is airhead JMHO

and FTWWTF talks PG, one time & let it go...

Bis Morgen

  • HSPD (Happy St. Paddy's Day)Garry Owen D, Tue Mar 17 23:47
    Space^4 Time^4... more
    • HSPD — pmj, Wed Mar 18 01:28
      • Better Than WesSexMr. Garry W. Denke, Thu Mar 19 11:26
        So, how is Andrew J. Lawson? O! thanks for All the Letters. What did He say, Yawn. Mr. Garry W. Denke "Lawson Letters" 63rd Signal 'C' 4-Aces File
        • Andrew J. Lawson TheftDenoco Inc. of Texas, Thu Mar 19 13:11
          Hey if you talk to Andy again tell him Garry wants his Late Cretaceous fossils time-chart (Chronology; Fossils of Late Cretaceous) returned that Garry kindly loaned to Andy back in the Spring of... more
          • In Hoc Signo Vinces (Pappy, Sonny, Mammy)YHWH Allah, The Word of God, Sat Mar 21 19:07
  ,,,,,,,,,... more
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