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WARNING: Fire and Flames emit No Light
Tue Mar 24, 2009 04:03 (XFF:

Pope PixieGirl, the Bishop
of Party Vibe, & Apostles

This Letter serves as Ancient Notice (AN) from the ancient Angel Of Light (AOL) same authoured by the Ancient of Days (AD) Homo erectus himself to the Bishop of Party Vibe (the Bishop of Rome too) & Apostles that during the Brunhes-Matuyama Universal Magnetic Reversal which occurred ~783,000 years ago said Ancient of Days (AD) witnessed on this Planet Earth located in the Milky Way Galaxy the absence of light from Fires and Flames.

WARNING: Fires and Flames emitted No Light during the Brunhes-Matuyama Universal Magnetic Reversal which occurred ~783,000 years ago as witnessed by Two (2) Witnesses, said ancient Angel Of Light (AOL) and said authour the Ancient of Days (AD) Homo erectus himself, and Fires and Flames will emit No Light during the Turcaud-Conrad Universal Magnetic Reversal on this coming "Crucifixius Friday" 11 April 2009 AD 11:00 AM in GMT.

Apostles Print (AP) the Warning be extra Careful
with Fires and Flames because they are invisible.

I AM Homo erectus I AM

have * heat

The Ancient of Days


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    • WARNING: Fire and Flames emit No Light — Ancient of Days, Tue Mar 24 04:03
      • Was macht, ärgerten Sie so? Es ist Sie, die zu mir gelogen haben
        • Star Networks Inc.God Almighty, Thu Mar 26 02:13
          LEH $12.00 P ! WM $12.00 P ! A ! Long Life Milky Way Galaxy ! 1 tree -... more
      • Re: WARNING: Fire and Flames emit No LightAnonymous, Wed Mar 25 00:38
        Mr Homo erectus have* heat? Buy ice cubes U know where to put them
        • PixieGirl de Pope!GOD, Thu Mar 26 02:16
          p0lygon-Window - he couldnt help but post it three times, lame garry very lame You're right Dumb ..., I could Post it 30 Times And dumb ... you Would still Not know There is NO tranzmission 11 April. ... more
          • Scrivener Error's Corrected (SEC)The Easter Bunny, Fri Mar 27 04:40
            Osama Bin Laden is A Piker! (AP) OBL is A Piker! (AP) He (OBL) does NOT Believe in The Easter Bunny. A! He is fired. He is A Piker. YHWH Allah The Easter Bunny -- Apostles Print (AP) O! Sweet Sixteen ... more
            • Macypmj, Sat Mar 28 22:59
              Your story is Miracle on 34th St re-written ....
              • the Devil, and SatanO! Lucifer, Mon Mar 30 09:40
                the Devil, and Satan Right on Time! Engineered tolerance (+/- 666 seconds) Measured tolerance (+/- 6 seconds) ) Saturday 11th April 2009 A.D. 11:00 ... more
                • tolerancepmj, Tue Mar 31 00:18
                  pretty thin right now, Are you calling ME a Jack Ass?
                  • Hide Full Headerसिद्धार&, Wed Apr 1 02:12
                    Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Content-Type: text/html; charset="utf-8" X-Originating-IP: User-Agent: Web-Based Email 4.14.22 Return-Path: more
      • Gravity Busters, U.S.A.Garden Key, R., Tue Mar 24 04:09
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        • Happy Easter ! Wester ! 7 DaysYHWH Allah, Sat Apr 4 19:21
          Happy Easter ! Wester ! 7 Days,,,,,, more
          • Ol' Harry Houdini '77Old Harry, Thu Apr 9 23:45
            Happy Bash Thursday! WAMKQ WAMPQ WAMUQ Ol' Harry Houdini '77 Dhondini discovered Garry Denke knew 'Nothing'. O! Say See maybe Law of Fives help WM stock.... more
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                Parable HVD 90 -- Christ's wamKq wamUq wahUq wamPq of Blood Scholars Scrivener's Error Kills 16 More Soldiers In Baghdad - Missing Name YHWH Iraq's military said Scholars Scrivener's Error has struck ... more
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