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Gravity Busters, U.S.A.
Tue Mar 24, 2009 04:09 (XFF:

The Smithsonian /
NASA Astrophysics Data System
Time scale for magnetic reversal and the topological nonconnectivity threshold

Celardo, G. L.; Barré, J.; Borgonovi, F.; Ruffo, S.
Physical Review E, vol. 73, Issue 1, id. 011108

Anisotropic classical Heisenberg models with all-to-all spin coupling display a topological nonconnectivity threshold (TNT) for any number N of spins. Below this threshold, the energy surface is disconnected in two components with positive and negative total magnetizations, respectively, so that magnetization cannot reverse its sign and ergodicity is broken, even at finite N . Here, we solve the model in the microcanonical ensemble, using a recently developed method based on large deviation techniques, and show that a phase transition is present at an energy higher than the TNT energy. In the energy range between the TNT energy and the phase transition, magnetization changes sign stochastically and its behavior can be fully characterized by an average magnetization reversal time. The time scale for magnetic reversal can be computed analytically, using statistical mechanics. Numerical simulations confirm this calculation and further show that the magnetic reversal time diverges with a power law at the TNT threshold, with a size-dependent exponent. This exponent can be computed in the thermodynamic limit (N→∞) , by the knowledge of entropy as a function of magnetization, and turns out to be in reasonable agreement with finite N numerical simulations. We finally generalize our results to other models: Heisenberg chains with distance-dependent coupling, small 3D clusters with nearest-neighbor interactions, metastable states. We conjecture that the power-law divergence of the magnetic reversal time scale might be a universal signature of the presence of a TNT.

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.73.011108

Gravity Busters, U.S.A.
Drums, Pennsylvania

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