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PixieGirl de Pope!
Thu Mar 26, 2009 02:16 (XFF:

p0lygon-Window - he couldnt help but post it three times,
lame garry very lame

You're right Dumb ..., I could Post it 30 Times
And dumb ... you Would still Not know There
is NO tranzmission 11 April. NO LIGHT Jerk Off
Bible, King James Version

YA! You r Just a Dumb ass
Search the King James Bible

Y! PixieGirl de Pope!
A! PixieGirl de Pope!

YHWH Allah

There is NO tranzmission 11 April. NO LIGHT you Jack Ass

  • Re: WARNING: Fire and Flames emit No LightAnonymous, Wed Mar 25 00:38
    Mr Homo erectus have* heat? Buy ice cubes U know where to put them
    • PixieGirl de Pope! — GOD, Thu Mar 26 02:16
      • Scrivener Error's Corrected (SEC)The Easter Bunny, Fri Mar 27 04:40
        Osama Bin Laden is A Piker! (AP) OBL is A Piker! (AP) He (OBL) does NOT Believe in The Easter Bunny. A! He is fired. He is A Piker. YHWH Allah The Easter Bunny -- Apostles Print (AP) O! Sweet Sixteen ... more
        • Macypmj, Sat Mar 28 22:59
          Your story is Miracle on 34th St re-written ....
          • the Devil, and SatanO! Lucifer, Mon Mar 30 09:40
            the Devil, and Satan Right on Time! Engineered tolerance (+/- 666 seconds) Measured tolerance (+/- 6 seconds) ) Saturday 11th April 2009 A.D. 11:00 ... more
            • tolerancepmj, Tue Mar 31 00:18
              pretty thin right now, Are you calling ME a Jack Ass?
              • Hide Full Headerसिद्धार&, Wed Apr 1 02:12
                Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Content-Type: text/html; charset="utf-8" X-Originating-IP: User-Agent: Web-Based Email 4.14.22 Return-Path: more
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