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Judith Davis
great grandfather Wingard
Sun Feb 15, 2009 01:40 (XFF:

I'm looking for information about the man who married my great grandmother. His name is Johan Arthur Frederick Wingard, (or Johan Frederick Wingard)born 17 Oct 1858 in Ino Falla (if there is such a place) in Sweden. His father was called Nicholas. That's all I know. He arrived in Australia in about 1880.

    • great grandfather WingardRDC, Wed Feb 18 12:26
      Dear Judith, I have found information that, while not definitive, seems to identify the parents of Johan Arthur Frederick Wingard, his birthplace, and the names and birth dates of several of his... more
      • Re great grandfather WingardJudith Davis, Wed Feb 18 19:56
        Thank you Ron. You're right on the money. Family search accounts for them all but one male. Brilliant work. Thank you for your trouble. I have another poser(great grandfather Johan Peter Bolin -with... more
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