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great grandfather Wingard
Wed Feb 18, 2009 12:26 (XFF:

Dear Judith,

I have found information that, while not definitive, seems to identify the parents of Johan Arthur Frederick Wingard, his birthplace, and the names and birth dates of several of his siblings.

The last name Wingard is spelled Wingård in Swedish, with the last syllable being pronounced approximately 'gourd.' The name might also be spelled Vingård since Swedish tends to interchange the initial V and W in proper names.

In Sweden, civil records (births, deaths, marriages, relocations) until very recent years were maintained by the local parish. The only parish in Sweden that I could find with -falla as part of its name is one named Mofalla, located in Skaraborg län (county) in southwestern Sweden.

The parish records for Mofalla that are available to me are very limited; the birth records do not go back to 1858. However I did find birth records for 1861 and later. By fantastic chance I discovered the record of the birth of a child who is very likely the sister of Johan Arthur Frederick, along with the names of the parents, the occupation of the father, the age of the mother, and the residence of the family as of the time of the birth. The name of the father corresponds with your information.

Nicolaus Wingård, lantmätare (land surveyor)
Christina Margareta Pettersson [age 34; therefore probably born in 1826]
daughter Ellen Desideria, born 29 January 1861
Residence: Stora Ruder, Mofalla parish, Skaraborg län
Source: Mofalla kyrkoarkiv, Födelse- och dopböcker [birth and baptism books], SE/GLA/13373/C/4 (1861-1894)

The birth record cross-references another parish record, known as the clerical survey (husförhörslägd in Swedish), noting that the record for the family is found on page 351 of the clerical survey for 1861. However the clerical surveys for Mofalla parish are not available to me at the source I use. The clerical survey typically would record the entire family, including the birth dates and birth places of all family members, deaths of any family members since the most recent survey, the date(s) on which any family member(s) moved to the current residence, and the date(s) any family member(s) moved away from the residence. The clerical survey therefore is a goldmine of information for genealogical researchers.

Then on 11 October 1861, "Wingård, Nik. med hustru och barn" (Nik. Wingård with wife and children) relocated from Mofalla parish to Fågelås parish, also in Skaraborg län. The family consisted of four males and two females. Assuming the two females were the mother and the new-born daughter Ellen, and that one of the males was the father, there must have been three other males in the family.
Source: Mofalla kyrkoarkiv, In- och utflyttningslängder [relocation records], SE/GLA/13373/B/1 (1861-1894)

There are actually two parishes in Skaraborg län with Fågelås in their names: Norra Fågelås and Södra Fågelås (North and South Fågelås, respectively). The Wingård family registered in Norra Fågelås parish on 23 October 1861. The family was recorded as consisting then of four males and three (!) females. Their residence was Abramstorp in Norra Fågelås parish. The relocation record cross-references the Norra Fågelås clerical survey, page 49. Unfortunately, once again, the clerical survey records for Norra Fågelås parish are not available at the source I use.
Source: Norra Fågelås kyrkoarkiv, In- och utflyttningslängder, SE/GLA/13393/B/5 (1860-1895)

In the same source, on 20 October 1880, the family relocated again, this time consisting of five males and five females. The family moved from Abramstorp to a location that I cannot make out.

As of 26 November 1881 I found that the family had moved to Hjo stads (city) parish.
Source: Hjo stadsförsamlings kyrkoarkiv, In- och utflyttningslängder, SE/GLA/13209/B/1 (1860-1894)

In this case I finally found detailed information for the family (less Johan Arthur Frederick, who you say was in Australia by 1880) in the clerical survey:

Nikolaus Wingård, born 14 June 1815 in Kville parish, Göteborg och Bohus län; married 21 January 1849; died 15 December 1889
Kristina Margareta Peterson, born 14 November 1826 in Grevbäck parish, Skaraborg län
Karl Didrik Nikolaus, born 25 February 1851 (or 1853) in Mofalla parish
Regina, born 25 February 1855 in Mofalla parish
Ellen Desideria, born 29 January 1861 in Mofalla parish
Berta Wilhelmina, born 30 March 1865 in Fågelås parish
Alma Dorothea, born 3 November 1868 in Fågelås parish

Ellen Desideria moved to Luleå parish, Norrbotten län, 1 October 1891; Karl Didrik Nikolaus, Regina and Alma Dorothea moved to Järstorp parish, Jönköping län, 2 December 1893 (certificates 66, 67, 68); Kristina Margareta Peterson and Berta Wilhelmina moved to Järstorp parish 21 January 1895 (certificates 6,7)

Source: Hjo stadsförsamlings kyrkoarkiv, Husförhörslängder, SE/GLA/13209/A I/10 (1889-1900), pg 232 [244]

Since I was unable to find information specifically for Johan Arthur Frederick in any of these records, I cannot be sure that this is his family. But some of the information matches the information you have, so this seems to be a very promising match.

I hope this is useful.

Ron Carlson, a Swedish-American
Alexandria, Virginia, USA

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