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Judith Davis
Great grandfather Bolin
Wed Feb 18, 2009 21:02 (XFF:

My grandfather Johan Peter Bolin was born 14 Oct 1865 in Sletten, Denmark to my Swedish great grandmother, Johanne Nilsdotter (08 May 1821 Vastra Karaby) and a ship's carpenter Johan Peter Bolin (with a slash through the o)- there is no record of their having been married. She was divorced from her Swedish husband Ola Bengtsson (born 25Oct 1817) and was last mentioned -with her son - in the Danish census for 1890. I'm trying to find this ship's carpenter JPBolin. He's not mentioned in any Danish censuses that I can see so where has he got to and where did he come from? My feeling is he is Swedish. Any help, anyone?

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