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Hal Bern
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Tue Mar 3, 2009 14:56 (XFF:

Do you know his approximate DOB? Or any other specicific info on others in family?

  • Olof Olsson Osterberg emigrationBarbara Teague, Mon Mar 2 19:22
    I am looking for information on the emigration of my great-grandfather, Olof Olsson Osterberg, in 1902. He and his family (wife Ingrid and six children ages 12 years to 9 months) were originally from ... more
    • More Information — Hal Bern, Tue Mar 3 14:56
      • Olof Olsson Osterberg emigrationBarbara Teague, Tue Mar 3 15:46
        Olof Olsson was bon 30 Oct 1867 to Bengt Olson and Marie Jensen. I have Olof's Death Certificate, and the above information is taken from that document. I am not sure when Olof changed his last name... more
        • Olof Olsson Ísterberg familyHal Berb, Tue Mar 3 17:59
          I have found your family. If you will send me an email address I will forward scans.
          • Olof Olsson Osterberg emigrationBarbara Teague, Tue Mar 3 18:51
            Please e-mail to me at Thank you VERY much! Regards, Barbara Teague
            • Osterberg Malmstrom recordsBarbara Teague, Wed Mar 4 07:24
              Thank you SO much! With this information I was able to confirm a lot of Ingrid Malmstrom Osterberg's family members, including her mother, whose name I wasn't sure of. I also only knew of one... more
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