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Juditih Davis
Locating living relatives in Sweden
Tue Apr 21, 2009 17:52 (XFF:

Can anyone advise the best way to post an advertisement to locate living relatives in Sweden? In which forum or which newspapers etc to place the ad.? This may be the only way possible to find lost connections. Thanks Judith

    • lost/missing relativesMonica Hasselgren Bois, Sun Oct 18 21:32
      I am searching for Karl Arne Albert Folke, born 18/12/1921 residing in Danderyd församling in Stockholm in March 1941. I am also searching for Margit Therese Kristiansen, born 25/06/1921. Residing at ... more
      • Re: lost/missing relativesAnonymous, Tue Oct 20 01:12
        Hi,i hope this is what you meant. il from the swedish death-cd 19211218-1215 Folke, Karl Albert Arne Brännkyrkag 113 läg 0175 117 28 Stockholm Dead 3/25/1999. Registered in Högalid, Stockholms stad... more
        • Folke & KristiansenMonica Hasselgren Bois, Tue Oct 20 02:19
          Thank you so much for your information. I have searched a long time but never quite knew where. Now I am wondering where and how to obtain their death certificates and to find out if they have living ... more
          • Re: Folke & KristiansenElsaPelsa, Tue Oct 20 12:47
            Hi, with this info you can request estate inventories after them to see the heirs and hopefully where they lived at that time. You send a request to the nearest archive where they died. here are the... more
            • Folke & Kristansen (Nielsen)Monica Hasselgren Bois, Sun Oct 25 03:11
              Hi Elsa Pelsa, thank you for valuable information. I am now hoping that someone might have some further information for me as there are probable family connections. Re:Swedish death-cd 19210625-732... more
              • Re: Folke & Kristansen (Nielsen)ElsaPelsa, Sun Oct 25 10:05
                Thank you, Estate inventories is a very good source to find relatives, because newer records are not available because of the 70 year limit. il
            • Folke & Kristansen (Nielsen)Monica Hasselgren Bois, Sun Oct 25 02:51
              Hi Elsa Pelsa, thank you for valuable information
    • Re: Locating living relatives in SwedenAnonymous, Mon May 11 05:42
      Who are you looking for? il
      • long lost unclejulia njoroge, Tue Aug 4 13:00
        i am looking for George Gichure Waiganjo who came to Sweden in the late 60s or early 70s.He is about 70yrs old now and would like to get in touch with him.
      • Re: Locating living relatives in SwedenJudith Davis, Tue May 12 19:29
        Hi, annon. I'm looking for any relatives of my great grandmother's siblings. My g/grandmother was Johanna Christina Nilsdotter b 08May 1821 in Vastra Karaby Malmohus Sweden.She married in Denmark and ... more
        • Re: Locating living relatives in SwedenAnonymous, Thu May 14 00:58
          Hej, I'll see what i can do, if you have more details, places data a.s.o. you can mail me at il
          • Re: Locating living relatives in SwedenElsaPelsa, Thu May 14 01:13
            Here is one of the sisters 1900 cd Record 966456 Dahl, Anna Maria (she married Johannes Nilsson Dahl 1850 in Landskrona according to Disbyt database) b. 1825 in Saxtorp (Malmöhus län, Skåne) Widow... more
    • relativesdavid brown, Wed Apr 22 16:41
      I found a lady in sverige that found some of mine and she is on ebay cost me 20 dollars
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