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Wed May 6, 2009 09:36 (XFF:

You may want to narrow your inquiry a bit. As of the 1900 Swedish census, there were 404 adults living in Stockholm with a last name of Hellström, and an additional 13 named Hällström (pronounced about the same as Hellström). There was one person with a name of Hillström but an unmarried woman, so not a family. The second syllable of any of these names would definitely be spelled -ström rather than -strom.

Do you have any additional information? First names, birth dates, marriage dates, death dates, emigration dates, birth places or residences, names of spouses or children? Without some additional information there is no way to respond to your inquiry.


  • Hillstrom/HellstromJeri Milici Mork, Sun May 3 13:25
    Is anyone doing research on the Hillstrom or Hellstrom family from Stockholm Sweden?
    • Hillstrom/Hellstrom — RDC, Wed May 6 09:36
      • Re: Hillstrom/HellstromAnonymous, Wed May 6 11:19
        Hi Ron: Thanks for responding to my message. My great grandfather's name and place of birth is as follows: 7 Apr 1847 Storkyrkoforsamlingen, Stockholms stad, Stockholms lan, Sweden . On 26 Nov 1877... more
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