Re: Augusta Carlson
Fri Jun 5, 2009 06:35

And I think this is her family in 1890, it does not match to 100 percent but almost, what do think did she go to IA as the info from Emihamn says?

Nilsson, Karl Johan 1838 Far
Johansdotter, Greta Lisa 1839 Mor
(Barn), Augusta Charlotta 1871 Barn
(Barn), Oskar Vilhelm 1874 Barn
(Barn), Axel Emil 1876 Barn
(Barn), Otto Reinhold 1880 Barn
(Barn), Albert 1883 Barn
(Barn), Ossian Leonard 1885 Barn
living here
Post 1379848
Augusta Charlotta

f. 1871 i Misterhult (Kalmar län, Småland)

Ogift kvinna, barn i familjen

Torp Lilla Grönö tillh. Gersebo
Misterhult (Kalmar län, Småland)

Födelseort i källan: Misterhults

  • Re: Augusta CarlsonAnonymous, Fri Jun 5 06:31
    I think tis is the same person as the one from Emihamn il Emibas Post 323445 Karlsdotter, Augusta Charlotta Dotter (unmarried woman) b. 7/3/1871 in Misterhult, Kalmar län (Småland) Emigrated... more
    • Hmmmsnicholson1981, Fri Jun 5 06:53
      The birth date is pretty far off. May 30, 1870 is what I have for her. It very well could be the right person though. Thanks for your time on looking all of this up. She probably did change it to... more
    • Re: Augusta Carlson — Anonymous, Fri Jun 5 06:35
      • Augusta and Bensnicholson1981, Fri Jun 5 07:01
        The mother's name isn't right. I think this might be a different person. Also, she had to have emigrated here before 1893 as she and Ben were married Sept 9, 1893. I have the certificate. They did... more
        • Re: Augusta and BenAnonymous, Fri Jun 5 07:48
          There is no Augusta born in Misterhult that date. could 1893 be 1897?? if it's in handwriting. il
          • Augusta & Bensnicholson1981, Sat Jun 6 04:25
            There is definitely no mistake as to the year. Their first child was born in Illinois in May of 1894. She was very possibly pregnant when they married. Does emibas contain birth records for their... more
            • Re: Augusta & BenAnonymous, Sun Jun 7 01:15
              The Emibas cd is based on when they got the permit to leave the parish they lived in, and from that cd you can see where they lived at that time and follow them backwards to see their family, from... more
              • Augusta & Bensnicholson1981, Sun Jun 7 06:06
                I have no other information at all. I've looked up their obituaries, marriage license, obituaries for their children, etc. The only other thing I can look up when I get money is their death... more
                • Re: Augusta & BenAnonymous, Mon Jun 8 01:02
                  I found this woman on Emibas without a surname and then on Emihamn and her surname is here Carlsson, I suggest you check her out on Ellis Island if they have made any other notes there, I can give... more
                  • Augusta & Bensnicholson1981, Mon Jun 8 06:25
                    I'm sorry, the dates don't match at all. The birth date & years aren't accurate. I don't know her middle name but it may be on her death certificate if I can locate it.
                  • Re: Augusta & BenAnonymous, Mon Jun 8 02:07
                    I'm sorry about this, i remembered her birth-year wrong, please disregard this message. il
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