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Mon Jun 8, 2009 01:02

I found this woman on Emibas without a surname and then on Emihamn and her surname is here Carlsson, I suggest you check her out on Ellis Island if they have made any other notes there, I can give you her family from 1890cd, she has to brothers there and 3 sisters but her father is Karl Johan Johansson not Nilsson, her mother is Maria Charlotta Johansdotter.

Efternamn: CARLSSON
Ålder: 24 Kön: K
Född: 1867/1868
Församling: DÖDERHULT Län: H
Utresehamn: GÖTEBORG
Utvandrdag: 1892 08 05
Destination: NEW YORK
Medåkande: NEJ
Källkod: 49:23:49708

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Augusta Maria
Unmarried woman

b. 10/13/1867 in Misterhult, Kalmar län (Småland)

Emigrated 7/29/1892
from Döderhult Nr 2, Nymålen, Döderhult, Kalmar län (Småland)
to Amerika

Source: Household Examination Roll, p. 91

Emibas migration file ID: Döderhult H 1892 083

  • Augusta & Bensnicholson1981, Sun Jun 7 06:06
    I have no other information at all. I've looked up their obituaries, marriage license, obituaries for their children, etc. The only other thing I can look up when I get money is their death... more
    • Re: Augusta & Ben — Anonymous, Mon Jun 8 01:02
      • Augusta & Bensnicholson1981, Mon Jun 8 06:25
        I'm sorry, the dates don't match at all. The birth date & years aren't accurate. I don't know her middle name but it may be on her death certificate if I can locate it.
      • Re: Augusta & BenAnonymous, Mon Jun 8 02:07
        I'm sorry about this, i remembered her birth-year wrong, please disregard this message. il
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