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Mon Aug 3, 2009 12:32

Hal, you were very helpful finding information about my great-grandmother and grandfather last March. One additional question has arisen regarding a son, Emil, who was the son of Frans Ericsson. However, I do not know if he was the son of Anna Mathilda Larsson or not. Emil was born 3-12-1879 and emigrated that same year. In the records of New York port arrivals, Anna M. Larsson traveled with two children, Rudolf [sic.] and Emil. Rudolf's father died in 1877. Their point of origin was Stockholm county. I have a feeling Emil was born out of wedlock to Frans and Anna. I suppose it is possible his birth mother died in child birth, but all the documentation I have discovered about him is very non-commital about his mother. Can you help me out? Thanks.

  • Emibas - Look-Ups - FreeHal Bern, Sun Mar 1 15:53
    I have the disc Emibas which has 1.1 million emigrants listed along with their dates of birth and home parishes. I will do look-ups.
    • Augusta Pauline AnderssonDGawell, Mon Aug 19 19:26
      Would you kindly look up my great grandmother? Here is her data: Augusta Pauline (Paulina?) Anderson (perhaps Andersdotter?) born, Oct. 1864 in Stockholm, Sweden, immigrated in 1892, married to Carl... more
      • Re: Augusta Pauline AnderssonElsaPelsa, Wed Feb 12 11:33
        hi, hope you get this despite it was some time ago. can it be your people? ep Emibas cd Post 688902 Andersdotter, Augusta Paulina Hustru (married woman) b. 10/24/1864 Emigrated 5/17/1892 from... more
        • Re: Augusta Pauline AnderssonAnonymous, Wed Feb 12 11:56
          cont. this is her husbands emigration info, I think that Herman Andersson is her cousin, has to be checked though Post 672934 Carlsson, Carl Hjalmar Dräng (unmarried man) b. 5/30/1866 in Hanhals,... more
          • Herman and CarlDonna, Fri Feb 14 04:40
            Very kind Swedish genealogists have helped me uncover that Herman is Augusta's younger brother and her husband Carl Hjalmar Carlsson returned after about 18 months to marry Augusta in Dec. of 1891.... more
            • Augusta and CarlElsaPelsa, Sat Feb 15 01:20
              Hi, so I found the right family then I looked at the the wrong Herman Andersson he was born 1864 so assumed that they were not siblings, now I found the right Herman, I cant find him in the deathcd... more
              • HermanAnonymous, Sat Feb 15 04:44
                Hi, I thank you for checking about Herman. I don't have the letter and the family didn't seem to keep it. Unfortunately, I think the people in the family who have the "stuff" are also the ones who... more
                • HermanElsaPelsa, Mon Mar 10 06:07
                  Hi again the father died in 1919 and in his estate inventory of 1920 feb. 20 six siblings are mentioned, 3 of them are living abroad no adresses mentioned Johan August Johansson are representing... more
    • Brita Stina Isacsdotterncrs6366, Tue Jan 15 10:28
      Looking for connections between Brita Stina and Christiana Augustus. Also Gustauf Perrson and Peter L Augustus. Seems they changed their names when they came to the United States. I believe he was... more
    • Look UpCatherine Maritn, Mon Oct 22 19:55
      Hello, Can you please kindly look up Anders Magnus or Magnus Andersson born 27 September 1861 in Gunnarsnäs, Älvsborgs County, Dalsland, Sweden? He probably would have left Sweden to Norway to... more
    • August CarlsonDave, Tue Aug 14 20:12
      left Sweden in 1891 - parents were Carl and Anna B. married in U.S. Worcester, Massachusetts, 1892. Looking for his Sweden emmigration information.
    • emigration of Abrahamsongeorgia.landwehr2, Sun Nov 27 14:18
      Hal, Greetings. Would you know what year - 1851 perhaps - that Johanes Abrahamson came to America with Anna (Nilsdotter) Nelson? They were from Olmstad, Jonchoping and had 6 of the 8 children born in ... more
      • YearHal Bern, Mon Nov 28 14:51
        The year was 1854. If I can be of any other help, please let me know. Hal Bern
      • Re: emigration of AbrahamsonAnonymous, Mon Nov 28 01:14
        Hi, must be this family found on Emibas cd ep Post 637363 Abrahamsson, Johannes Hemmansägare (married man) b. 3/25/1816 in Ölmstad, Jönköpings län (Småland) Emigrated 1854 from Kvarnegården, Norra... more
    • Jacobson emigrationKent Kjellgren, Sun Oct 23 08:51
      If you are still doing searches on emigration I would like info on the following family. We have no idea where in Sweden they came from only this from the US census. F.J. Jacobson, b. Jan 1855... more
      • F J JacobsonHal Bern, Sun Oct 23 17:09
        Amanda Gustava Andersdotter b 13 Feb 1862 in Grolanda, Skaraborg, SWEDEN came to the US 1891. She brought with her the children Ellen Regina b 16 Oct l882, Johan Alexius b 28 Jun 1884, Anders J... more
    • Holm Family EmigrationDean Schantz, Wed Jun 29 13:22
      I am searching for Carl Holm, b. 12/4/1811 in Gommalkie (sp?0), and his wife, Inga Lena Andersdotter, b. 1/2/1814 in Tjerstad, Oestergotland. I believe they left Sweden in 1869 with their children,... more
      • Carl HolmHal Bern, Wed Jun 29 15:30
        Dean I found the family coming over. Carl's real name is Carlsson. The family came 7 May 1869. Hal Bern
        • Holm --Thank YouDean Schantz, Wed Jun 29 16:00
          Hal, Thank you, thank you. This is just the information I needed. Dean
          • Carlsson FamilyHal Bern, Wed Jun 29 16:19
            Anders Johan b 13 Feb 1841 in Tjärstad came with the family. Hal Bern
            • Holm Family EmigrationDean Schantz, Wed Jun 29 16:46
              Hal, Besides this Anders Johan, could you tell me how many, and which, children came with Carl and Inga Lena Holm? Dean
              • Carl Gustaf CarlssonElsaPelsa, Thu Jun 30 01:43
                Hi, I looked at the page in the household and a son of them left the previous year. il Emibas cd Post 137371 Carlsson, Carl Gustaf Torparson (unmarried man) b. 11/11/1849 in Tjärstad, Östergötlands... more
                • Carlson/Holm Dean Schantz, Thu Jun 30 06:08
                  Thanks for finding this! I suspect there might be several other children, since the birth years span from 1841 to 1859, but I do not know if they emigrated. Dean
                  • more childrenElsaPelsa, Fri Jul 1 02:21
                    Hi again, I followed the family a bit and found one more son but he died young the parents married 1840 il
                    • Carlsson/HolmDean Schantz, Fri Jul 1 06:19
                      Oh! Just one more son! That is surprising. Thank you! Dean
              • CarlssonsHal Bern, Wed Jun 29 16:48
                There were just the two. Hal
                • Carlsson/HolmDean Schantz, Wed Jun 29 17:00
                  Okay, Thank you. Dean
    • Gustaf Arnold Anderssonklkorkmas, Thu Mar 10 18:10
      My grandfather Gustaf Arnold Andersson,born May 19,1900 Gothenburg (Goteborg) Sweden. He was the son of Axel and Matilda. He had a twin brother. His siblings were Yngve, Valborg, Signe (she married a ... more
      • Gustaf Arnold AnderssonKaren Korkmas, Tue Oct 18 07:26
        Well helloooooo Sten! Are you a descendant of Margot Andersson Rosen and a cousin of mine? I do hope you are. I have not been able to contact any of my grandfather's family back in Sweden. I have a... more
      • gustav arnoldsten rosen, Tue Oct 18 07:16
        hello karen. I can give you informations about yourelatives in sweden Huggs from
      • gustav arnoldsten rosen, Tue Oct 18 07:12
        hello karen.
      • gustav arnold (nm)sten rosen, Tue Oct 18 07:07
      • SorryHal Bern , Fri Mar 11 11:28
        There's no listing for him. Hal
      • Gustaf ArnoldElsaPelsa, Fri Mar 11 01:30
        some info 1900cd Andreasson, Axel Ferdinand 1871 Father Andersson, Johanna Matilda 1870 Mother (Barn), Yngve Alexander 1898 Child (Barn), Gustaf Arnold 1900 Child living here Record 1303545 Gustaf... more
        • Gustaf Arnold Anderssonkaren korkmas, Fri Mar 11 08:53
          Thank you so very much, Elsa. I am so excited to get this piece of information my heart is racing. My grandfather passed away when I was two years old. I have some photographs of him and his parents... more
    • Carl Olson - 1897 ? Greg Olson, Sun Mar 6 10:30
      Greetings, I'm trying to find out if my Great Grandfather ( Karl Olsson ) made a return trip to Sweden. He came to America in 1871 see Emibas post 813998. There are family notes that he returned to... more
      • Re: Carl Olson - 1897 ? Anonymous, Mon Mar 7 03:42
        Hi, I am reading an estate inventory after the parents and that states that Karl has been in Amerika for the last 25 years and they have not heard from him, a brother Johannes is also living in... more
        • returning to SwedenElsaPelsa, Mon Mar 7 03:51
          Perhaps you thought of the brother Nils he return to Sweden 1896-11-20 and then he emigrated again 1898-02-19. regards ep
          • Olsson emigrantsElsaPelsa, Mon Mar 7 03:55
            Looks like the brother took the name Hage too ep Emibas cd Post 814205 Olsson Hage, Johannes Jordbruksarbetare (unmarried man) b. 12/20/1865 in Ny, Värmlands län (Värmland) Emigrated 1/21/1884 from... more
            • Olsson emigrantsElsaPelsa, Mon Mar 7 04:01
              One more :) They had a sister Maria that died and this is her daughter born out of wedlock, she emigrated too Do you know of those siblings of Carl? Emibas cd Post 814271 Johannesdotter Gullskog,... more
              • Johannesdotter Gullskog, KristinaGreg Olson, Tue Mar 8 17:24
                Yes / and thanks .... i have all of Carls siblings documented .... We (our family ) have been trying to find : Johannesdotter Gullskog, Kristina = the daughter to Maria born out of wedlock. After... more
                • Kristina GullskogElsaPelsa, Wed Mar 9 01:21
                  I guess you have tried the censuses. She is not mentioned in the parents estate inventory 1898 as a daughter of the deceased Maria, so I don't know. ep
                  • Kristina GullskogGreg Olson, Wed Mar 9 17:48
                    Greetings .... I'll try the 1890 & 1900 USA censuses. The trouble is we think ? she changed her name / married. She seems to have just used the name Gullskog to come to America under. That is also a... more
      • Karl OlssonHal Bern , Sun Mar 6 13:00
        What year was he born? Hal
        • Carl Olson Greg Olson, Sun Mar 6 14:09
          greetings again My Great-grandfather ( Carl Olsson - Hagen ) b. 30 APR 1846 = Ny Parish / Arvika, Sweden d 23 FEB 1929 = Cashton, WI / USA thanks again ! Greg.
          • Carl OlsonHal Bern , Sun Mar 6 15:02
            He was still in Cashton, WS in 1910 Census. Hal Bern
            • Carl Olson's return trip Greg Olson, Sun Mar 6 15:27
              Hey Hal .... Yes .... Carl lived out his life in Wisconsin with his Norwegian wife Maren Pedersdtter Benrud. But in our family notes we have him having gone back to Sweden one time. We think he went... more
              • Ellis IslandHal Bern , Sun Mar 6 16:32
                You might check Ellis Island Records to see if he passed thru there. Use the American spelling of his name. Hal
    • looking meryth Hilleborn, Mon Nov 22 12:35
      I am looking for Axel Blom, he immigrated with Anna Blom to Washington state . She married Charles Andersson. Meryth
      • Axel and Anna BlomHal Bern, Mon Nov 22 15:19
        Send me some DOB so I can identify them. Hal
        • blommeryth Hilleborn, Tue Nov 23 05:34
          Anna is Born oct 1865 I do not know about Axel. Meryth
          • blomsAnonymous, Wed Nov 24 01:28
            hi, i got the impression that anna and axel were siblings ? ep
            • blommeryth Hilleborn, Wed Nov 24 15:14
              No it is probably mother and son..
          • BlomsHal Bern, Tue Nov 23 14:11
            Axle Gottfrid Blom was born 14 Aug 1886 in Hammarö, Värmland and his wife, Anna Kristina Nilson was born 3 Jul 1887 in Nyed, Värmland. Their daugter, Myrtle Kristina was born 25 Jan 1814 in Chicago,... more
            • blommeryth Hilleborn, Wed Nov 24 11:32
              OH I see what you mean. Anna is not the Anna his Wife.. It is Anna Blom,who married Charles Anderson.They lived in Spokane Wash.
            • blommeryth Hilleborn, Wed Nov 24 11:30
              I have understood that Axel was Anna Blom's son outside marriage. Once I saw him being with Anna in Spokane Wash,but somehow I can't find it again.. Meryth
              • Axel and AnnaHal Bern, Wed Nov 24 11:36
                Sorry, I can't help you there. Hal
          • Anna and AxelHal Bern, Tue Nov 23 11:28
            Thank you very much. Hal
    • Ingrid OlssonSandy Chrzanowski, Sun Nov 21 10:56
      I am trying to find information about Ingrid Olsson. She was born 13 April 1880 at the parish at Orkened in Kristianstad County, Sweden. She came to America when she was about 19. She was in... more
      • Ingrid OlssonHal Bern, Sun Nov 21 13:02
        Her parents were Olof Olsson and Kersti Bengtsdotter from Kärraboda. Hal
        • Ingrid Olsson's parentsSandy Chrzanowski, Mon Nov 22 11:46
          Do you have birthdates of Olof Olsson and Kersti Bengtsdotter? Do you know when and where they married? When they died? What about any children other than Ingrid? Was Kersti his "first wife" or... more
        • Ingrid Ollson (nm)Sandy Chrzanowski, Mon Nov 22 11:43
          • Ingrid OlssonHal Bern, Mon Nov 22 15:14
            If you'll send me an email address, I can send you images of her whole family. Hal Bern
            • Ingrid OlssonSandy Chrzanowski, Fri Nov 26 09:11
              When you say images are you talking pictures?
              • ImagesHal Bern, Fri Nov 26 12:11
                Images are scans of the original. Hal
                • Ingrid OlssonSandy Chrzanowski, Sat Nov 27 14:56
                  Can you tell me what that image you sent me is from? And what the columns are? ex: Name etc I saw Oloff Olsson, Ingrid, Peter Alfred ?? Olsson, Katarina B (can't read the rest)names but not Kersti... more
                • Blommeryth, Sat Nov 27 07:26
                  I do not see any images Meryth
            • Ingrid OlssonSandy Chrzanowski, Tue Nov 23 09:49
              My email address is: Thank you Sandy
    • Andrew Johansontlhjch, Sat Oct 23 16:55
      Hal, can you check on the immigration of Andrew James Johanson, b. 29 April 1861. The Rotman Archives show his last known address as Storkyrko, Stockholm in 1878-1879 with a notation "Rest till... more
      • GID #Hal Bern, Sat Oct 23 17:14
        What is GID # you are looking at? I can't find it. Hal Bern
        • Andrew Johansontlhjch, Sat Oct 23 20:40
          I found the info on 21/04 1861. I am unable to get results using Andrew James Johanson in the search fields but when I enter his sister Fanny Augusta Johanson he ... more
    • Bror Erland Enggren emigrationJeff, Sat Aug 28 21:07
      Can you see if Bror Erland Enggren b 1858 Tännäs Jämtland emigrated 1886 is listed? I am trying to find him in the examination records so I can trace him back.
      • Bror ErlandHal Bern, Sun Aug 29 14:17
        He was born 13 Dec 1858 in Tännäs. His parents were Inspector K. G. Enggren and Sofia. I will send you a photo copy of his birth record if you send me your email address. Hal Bern
        • Bror Erland Enggren emigrationJeff, Sun Aug 29 14:26
          I have his birth record. I was hoping to get the Emibas data to see where he was at that time so I can trace him and his family back. I don't know where they go after he is born.
          • Re: Bror Erland Enggren emigrationElsaPelsa, Sun Oct 24 02:13
            Hi again, I found him in Emihamn cd leaving from Östersund Jämtland ep Efternamn: ENGGREN Förnamn: BROR ERLAND Ålder: 28 Kön: M Född: 1857/1858 Församling: ÖSTERSUND Län: Z Titel/Anm: Utresehamn:... more
          • Re: Bror Erland Enggren emigrationElsaPelsa, Sun Oct 24 02:08
            Hi I think it's this man from the 1880 census cd ep 1880 cd Record 1880-1-2-628 Enggren, Bror Erland Handelsbiträde b. 1858 in Hede (Jämtlands län, Härjedalen) Man, single Röda Bodarne N:o 1 Klara... more
          • Bror ErlandHal Bern, Sun Aug 29 15:11
            Jeff No, he is not on Emibas. Hal Bern
          • Bror ErlandHal Bern, Sun Aug 29 15:02
            I have a copy Page 100 1856-1875 GID 2227.17.9500. Do have that one? Hal Bern
    • Grandmother.Mary Ellen Hermann, Wed Aug 11 15:14
      Other records also show that my grandmother's name was Ida Marie Anderson born on August 2, 1870 Emigrated in 1889 Grandfather: Alfred (not Albert) Johnson Born June 6, 1866. May have emmigrated in... more
      • Ida Maria AndersdotterHal Bern, Wed Aug 11 15:36
        Yes, there is an Ida Maria Andersdotter born 2 Aug 1870 in Berga, Kronoberg emmigrating in 1889 to Michigan. (page 717 in records for that parish in the year 1889). Hal
    • Other records. Mary Ellen Hemann, Wed Aug 11 15:09
      i emailed you earlier. I have located other records. My grandfather was Alfred (not Albert) Johnson born on June 6 1866 Johnson is the Americanized name.
      • Alfred JohnsonHal Bern, Wed Aug 11 15:19
        There is an Alfred Jansson born 6 Jun 1866 in Väse, Värmland (page 236 for the year 1886 - the year he emmigrated to the US). Would you like more help or can you handle it from here?
        • More on Alfred and Ida :-) Mary Ellen Hermann, Wed Aug 11 20:13
          These may seem like obvious questions, but is it reasonable to say that Alfred Jansson would translate to Alfred Johnson? On the 1900 U.S. Census, my Alfred Johnson's year of emigration is listed as... more
          • Alfred Jansson and IdaHal Bern, Wed Aug 11 20:24
            Mary Ellen Send me your email address and I will give you copies of the Swedish records. Hal Bern
            • Email request.Mary Ellen Hermann, Thu Aug 12 12:37
              If you don't get my email this way, please let me know. Thank you so much for sending a copy of the Swedish records!!
    • Johnson ancestryMary Ellen Hermann, Wed Aug 11 08:38
      I am looking for my grandfather and grandmother: Grandfather's American name Albert Johnson Born on June 6, 1866. According to the the 1900 US census, he Emmigrated to the United States in 1888.... more
      • Albert JohnsonHal Bern, Wed Aug 11 12:37
        Although there are numerous Albert Johnsons - none have the exact DOD 6-6-1866. Sorry. Hal
    • Moves To Norway.Bill Moller, Wed Aug 4 12:08
      Hi Hal, Looking for information on great grandmother and great,great grandfather who moved to Norway from Sweden. Alma Johansdotter...born 31st May 1877.Moved to Norway 1897 possibly from... more
      • Re: Moves To Norway.ElsaPelsa, Thu Aug 5 02:15
        Hi, in this family 1890 the daughter Alma is born 1877 may 31, could this be the person you are seeking she has a brother Anders Magnus but he is born 1872. Maybe a wild guess ep 1890 census cd... more
        • Moves To NorwayBill Moller, Thu Aug 5 07:21
          Hi.Brilliant.I'm sure you have found the Alma I'm looking of birth,place of birth and move date to Norway all match.Many thanks. Bill M.
          • AlmaElsaPelsa, Fri Aug 6 01:19
            Hi Bill, did you know of Almas siblings? ep
            • Moves To NorwayBill Moller, Fri Aug 6 07:51
              Hi, No, I had no inkling that she was one of eight children. I only knew that she came from Sweden and possibly from the Gothenburg area. What is interesting is that she married the son of the other... more
        • Re: Moves To Norway.Anonymous, Thu Aug 5 02:57
          Hi again I checked a bit more on Alma and she moves to Norway 1898 ep here is the sources where I found the family SVAR 00082009_00059 the rest of the family lives here 00082010_00088 GenLine... more
      • Nothing on either oneHal Bern, Wed Aug 4 14:45
        Sorry. Hal
    • Re: Emibas - Look-Ups - Freepaul.skram, Tue Jun 29 15:51
      Looking for Emibas posting #568989 & #2957034 as they relate to Johannes Hansson in Laxarby. Thank you!
    • Searching for Great-grandfather infoHjalmar Olson, Wed Apr 7 17:02
      Can you find the parish for this Olson family? Bothilda b. 7/4/1879 Kristianstad emigrated to NY in 1891 Sisters Marie, Emma, Anna Brothers Hjalmar, Carl Father Bengt d. 1905 Mother Ingaborg d. 1890
      • Re: Searching for Great-grandfather infoElsaPelsa, Thu Apr 8 01:07
        Hi, this is from my cds il Emibas cd Post 416907 Olsson, Botilda Ulrika Flicka (unmarried woman) b. 7/4/1879 in Nosaby, Kristianstads län (Skåne) Emigrated 11/3/1891 from Åraslöv 1, Nosaby,... more
    • My great-grandmotherLynn S. Johanson, Wed Mar 24 05:32
      Hello Hal, I have a mystery for you to solve, if you can. My great-grandmother, Bessie Ann Henderson Johnson, was born on August 13, 1878 in Sweden. On her 1893 marriage license she listed her father ... more
      • Re: My great-grandmotherElsaPelsa, Thu Mar 25 02:57
        Hi, did she marry at 15, and emigrate at 4 years of age together with her parents. Have you knowledge about any siblings il
        • Re: My great-grandmotherLynn S. Johanson, Thu Mar 25 05:34
          All I know is what I posted. She came to America at the age of 4 with the Johnson family. She was married to my great-grandfather, Richard Henry Gummow, in Sac City, Iowa. I have no knowledge of who... more
      • Re: My great-grandmotherAnonymous, Wed Mar 24 17:00
        I am sorry I spent today with no luck. Tried all combinations. Hal Bern
    • Re: Emibas - Look-Ups - Free — ls-johanson, Mon Aug 3 12:32
      • Re: Emibas - Look-Ups - FreeAnonymous, Tue Aug 4 01:23
        From Stockholm city Archive 1879 Larsson, Anna Mathilda 20/06 1855 widow Larsson, Carl Rudolf Antonius 15/10 1872 (children within marriage it ... more
        • Re: Emibas - Look-Ups - FreeAnonymous, Tue Aug 4 02:09
          Hi again, I looked up his birth and according the birthbook he is born to the widow Anna Matilda Larsson illigitimate, and his name is CARL Gustaf Julius born that same date 1879 march 12, and at the ... more
      • see belowHal Bern, Mon Aug 3 17:24
        You must give me Anna Mathilda's DOB or parish. I don't have a record of people I have helped.
    • Ben Neklarsson & Augusta Carlsonsnicholson1981, Thu Jun 4 14:44
      I am looking for Ben or Beng or Bengt Neklarsson, Nekelason, Nikelason or something similar. He was born Jan 3, 1856 in Glimakra, Skane, Sweden to Neklars Person and Inger Jonsdotter. He would have... more
      • NamesHal Bern, Sat Jun 6 15:50
        Neither of these people appear on the list. Sorry.
      • Re: Ben Neklarsson & Augusta CarlsonAnonymous, Fri Jun 5 06:23
        Not yet, check out this person il Emihamn Efternamn: KARLSSON Förnamn: AUGUSTA CH Ålder: 26 Kön: K Född: 1870/1871 Församling: MISTERHULT Län: H Titel/Anm: Utresehamn: GÖTEBORG Utvandrdag: 1897 04 21 ... more
      • Re: Ben Neklarsson & Augusta CarlsonElsaPelsa, Fri Jun 5 01:29
        Hi, I found this man emigrating twice, the first time to Germany il Emibas cd Post 398822 Niklasson, Bengt Dräng (unmarried man) b. 1/3/1854 in Glimåkra, Kristianstads län (Skåne) Emigrated 3/16/1869 ... more
        • Augusta Carlsonsnicholson1981, Fri Jun 5 04:17
          Did you find any information on Augusta Carlson? Thanks so much for the information on Bengt. This will help with my research if it is him.
          • Re: Augusta CarlsonAnonymous, Fri Jun 5 06:31
            I think tis is the same person as the one from Emihamn il Emibas Post 323445 Karlsdotter, Augusta Charlotta Dotter (unmarried woman) b. 7/3/1871 in Misterhult, Kalmar län (Småland) Emigrated... more
            • Hmmmsnicholson1981, Fri Jun 5 06:53
              The birth date is pretty far off. May 30, 1870 is what I have for her. It very well could be the right person though. Thanks for your time on looking all of this up. She probably did change it to... more
            • Re: Augusta CarlsonAnonymous, Fri Jun 5 06:35
              And I think this is her family in 1890, it does not match to 100 percent but almost, what do think did she go to IA as the info from Emihamn says? il 1890cd Nilsson, Karl Johan 1838 Far Johansdotter, ... more
              • Augusta and Bensnicholson1981, Fri Jun 5 07:01
                The mother's name isn't right. I think this might be a different person. Also, she had to have emigrated here before 1893 as she and Ben were married Sept 9, 1893. I have the certificate. They did... more
                • Re: Augusta and BenAnonymous, Fri Jun 5 07:48
                  There is no Augusta born in Misterhult that date. could 1893 be 1897?? if it's in handwriting. il
                  • Augusta & Bensnicholson1981, Sat Jun 6 04:25
                    There is definitely no mistake as to the year. Their first child was born in Illinois in May of 1894. She was very possibly pregnant when they married. Does emibas contain birth records for their... more
                    • Re: Augusta & BenAnonymous, Sun Jun 7 01:15
                      The Emibas cd is based on when they got the permit to leave the parish they lived in, and from that cd you can see where they lived at that time and follow them backwards to see their family, from... more
    • Christersonwoababyitssarah, Thu Apr 30 16:59
      I'm hoping you could help we with assuring a relation between me, Sarah Christerson, And Alex Christerson Westerberg? i don't know how you could do it. but it would be great!
      • attached emailHal Bern, Thu Apr 30 17:03
        Please provide the estimated DOB of these people.
        • Re: attached emailwoababyitssarah, Tue May 19 16:47
          date of birth for sarah: june 15, 1992 date of birth for alex: october 14, 1991
    • Gustavus Johnson(Johanson)THudson, Tue Apr 14 18:53
      Does your Emibas show a Gustavus Johanson emigrating to the United States in 1875? He should be from the Stockholm area? If you find him, I would like to know where he was living before he emigrated. ... more
      • Gustavus JohansonHal Bern, Tue Apr 14 18:58
        Do you have DOB on him?
        • Gustavus Johnson(Johanson)THudson, Tue Apr 14 20:11
          Yes, November 2, 1856, Hull, England.
          • Gustavus JohnsonHal Bern, Wed Apr 15 14:09
            Sorry not there. I don't think Emibas has information on people from England.
            • Gustavus Johnson(Johanson)THudson, Wed Apr 15 15:19
              Thanks anyway! He moved back to Sweden in 1860 at the age of 4. You found his brother Lewis Peter so I thought it was worth trying. His biography said he came to Minneapolis in 1775 so maybe he... more
    • Great-Grandfather Frank Oscar Ericksonls-johanson, Fri Mar 13 13:09
      My great-grandfather, Frank Oscar Erickson was born in Smaland on 4-1-1861. According to his obituary, he arrived in America on 8-8-1880 but may have changed his name from a variation such as Frans... more
      • Olof Anton LarssonHal Bern, Sat Mar 14 14:43
        Olof was born in 1844.
      • Carl Anton Rudolph LarssonHal Bern, Sat Mar 14 13:40
        I have the marriage of Anna Matilda Gustafsson and Olof Anton Larsson. Note that his name is Olof not Carl. The date of the marriage is 21 Apr 1872 and was performed in Katarina Parish, Stockholm.... more
      • Great GrandfatherHal Bern, Fri Mar 13 14:03
        Frans Oscar was born on 1 Apr 1860 in Höreda Parish, Jönköping län. If you will send me your email address, I can mail you a scan of his family. His parents are Johan Magnus Ericsson and Lovisa... more
    • Great grandfather BolinJudith Davis, Tue Mar 10 00:03
      Hi, Hal. With the following info can you tell me if this character migrated anywhere? Thanks Judith My grandfather Johan Peter Bolin was born 14 Oct 1865 in Sletten, Denmark to my Swedish great... more
    • emigration of OlssonsJudith Davis, Thu Mar 5 15:57
      Hi Hal, could you see if any of this family emigrated to anywhere? Bengt Olsson 1845.12.12; Nils Peter Olsson 1848.5.17;lars Peter Olsson 1851.09.04;Jens Peter/Peder Olsson 1855.10.03; Oluf Bernhard... more
      • emigration of OlssonsHal Bern, Thu Mar 5 16:17
        None that I can find. Sorry.
        • re Bengt OlssonJudith Davis, Thu Mar 5 20:51
          Thanks for your trouble, Hal. Appreciate it. Judith
    • Olof Olsson Osterberg emigrationBarbara Teague, Mon Mar 2 19:22
      I am looking for information on the emigration of my great-grandfather, Olof Olsson Osterberg, in 1902. He and his family (wife Ingrid and six children ages 12 years to 9 months) were originally from ... more
      • More InformationHal Bern, Tue Mar 3 14:56
        Do you know his approximate DOB? Or any other specicific info on others in family?
        • Olof Olsson Osterberg emigrationBarbara Teague, Tue Mar 3 15:46
          Olof Olsson was bon 30 Oct 1867 to Bengt Olson and Marie Jensen. I have Olof's Death Certificate, and the above information is taken from that document. I am not sure when Olof changed his last name... more
          • Olof Olsson Österberg familyHal Berb, Tue Mar 3 17:59
            I have found your family. If you will send me an email address I will forward scans.
            • Olof Olsson Osterberg emigrationBarbara Teague, Tue Mar 3 18:51
              Please e-mail to me at Thank you VERY much! Regards, Barbara Teague
              • Osterberg Malmstrom recordsBarbara Teague, Wed Mar 4 07:24
                Thank you SO much! With this information I was able to confirm a lot of Ingrid Malmstrom Osterberg's family members, including her mother, whose name I wasn't sure of. I also only knew of one... more
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