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Information on Johannes Jacobson pre 1885
Thu Aug 20, 2009 12:11


Most of these names are extraordinarily commonplace in Sweden and thus very difficult to trace, given the information you have. Some of these names would have been shared by thousands of Swedes of the day.

Actually, most of the names you have appear to be in their Anglicized versions. For example, Johnson is not a Swedish last name. In Sweden it could have been (here goes): Johansson, Johannesson, Johannisson, Jonsson, Jönsson, Jansson and perhaps a few other possibilities. Since the the first name of the father of Gustaf was Johannes, it is very possible that Gustaf was known as Gustaf Johannesson.

Likewise Nelson is not Swedish; it would much more likely have been Nilsson or, since it was a woman in this case, very possibly Nilsdotter (literally daughter of Nils).

Nor is Charles a Swedish first name. In Sweden he would almost certainly have been known as Carl or Karl.

Also Jacobson was more likely Jakobsson and Hakanson was Håkansson (first vowel pronounced as a long o).

The single most important piece of information to have in Swedish genealogy is the birth parish or at least the parish of residence sometime during a person's life. Do you have any information on locations associated with any of these persons?

Ron, a Swedish-American

  • Information on Johannes Jacobson pre 1885Jeff Whitehead, Wed Aug 19 14:13
    My GGGrandfather was Gustav or Gustaf Johnson born 1833 in Sweden married to Anna C. Nelson born 1836 married abt. 1859 in Sweden Gustav s father is listed on just one record that I can find as... more
    • Information on Johannes Jacobson pre 1885 — RDC, Thu Aug 20 12:11
      • Re: Information on Johannes Jacobson pre 1885Jeff Whitehead, Thu Aug 20 14:11
        The only information I have is that they were from Stockholm. Most likely just the place they left from. My greatgrandfathers full name, that we have, is Charles Leonard Johnson and that he came to... more
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