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Folke & Kristiansen
Tue Oct 20, 2009 02:19

Thank you so much for your information. I have searched a long time but never quite knew where.

Now I am wondering where and how to obtain their death certificates and to find out if they have living children.

I really appreciate your kind help.


  • Re: lost/missing relativesAnonymous, Tue Oct 20 01:12
    Hi,i hope this is what you meant. il from the swedish death-cd 19211218-1215 Folke, Karl Albert Arne Brännkyrkag 113 läg 0175 117 28 Stockholm Dead 3/25/1999. Registered in Högalid, Stockholms stad... more
    • Folke & Kristiansen — Monica Hasselgren Bois, Tue Oct 20 02:19
      • Re: Folke & KristiansenElsaPelsa, Tue Oct 20 12:47
        Hi, with this info you can request estate inventories after them to see the heirs and hopefully where they lived at that time. You send a request to the nearest archive where they died. here are the... more
        • Folke & Kristansen (Nielsen)Monica Hasselgren Bois, Sun Oct 25 03:11
          Hi Elsa Pelsa, thank you for valuable information. I am now hoping that someone might have some further information for me as there are probable family connections. Re:Swedish death-cd 19210625-732... more
          • Re: Folke & Kristansen (Nielsen)ElsaPelsa, Sun Oct 25 10:05
            Thank you, Estate inventories is a very good source to find relatives, because newer records are not available because of the 70 year limit. il
        • Folke & Kristansen (Nielsen)Monica Hasselgren Bois, Sun Oct 25 02:51
          Hi Elsa Pelsa, thank you for valuable information
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