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Re: Searching for Great-grandfather info
Thu Apr 8, 2010 01:07

Hi, this is from my cds

Emibas cd
Post 416907
Olsson, Botilda Ulrika
Flicka (unmarried woman)

b. 7/4/1879 in Nosaby, Kristianstads län (Skåne)

Emigrated 11/3/1891
from Åraslöv 1, Nosaby, Kristianstads län (Skåne)
to Amerika

Source: Household Examination Roll, p. 355
Emibas migration file ID: Nosaby L 1891 024

1890 cd
Olsson, Bengt 1839 Far
(Barn), Anna Kristina 1877 Barn
(Barn), Botilda Ulrika 1879 Barn
(Barn), Hjalmar 1881 Barn
(Barn), Emma Lovisa 1883 Barn
(Barn), Karl Alfred 1885 Barn
Lagerkrantz, Jöns 1827 Ensam
living here
Post 1827262
Olsson, Bengt

f. 1839 i Skeglinge (Malmöhus län, Skåne)

Änkling, far i familjen widowed

Nosaby (Kristianstads län, Skåne)

Födelseort i källan: Skeglinge Malm. l.

  • Searching for Great-grandfather infoHjalmar Olson, Wed Apr 7 17:02
    Can you find the parish for this Olson family? Bothilda b. 7/4/1879 Kristianstad emigrated to NY in 1891 Sisters Marie, Emma, Anna Brothers Hjalmar, Carl Father Bengt d. 1905 Mother Ingaborg d. 1890
    • Re: Searching for Great-grandfather info — ElsaPelsa, Thu Apr 8 01:07
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