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Re: Moves To Norway.
Thu Aug 5, 2010 02:15

Hi, in this family 1890 the daughter Alma is born 1877 may 31, could this be the person you are seeking she has a brother Anders Magnus but he is born 1872.
Maybe a wild guess

1890 census cd
Andersson, Johannes 1838 Far
Olausson, Inger Margaretha 1840 Mor
(Barn), Anders Magnus 1872 Barn
(Barn), Augusta 1875 Barn
(Barn), Alma 1877 Barn
(Barn), Carl Johan 1880 Barn
(Barn), Axel Leonard 1883 Barn
(Barn), August Robert 1885 Barn
(Barn), Alma Maria 1888 Barn
(Barn), Dagmar Axelia 1890 Barn

living here
Post 2620132

f. 1877 i Bäve (Göteborgs och Bohus län, Bohuslän)

Flicka, barn i familjen

Lane-Ryr (Göteborgs och Bohus län, Bohuslän)

Födelseort i källan: Bäfve B. L.

1900 census cd both Alma and Anders Magnus are gone from the family but i have nor searched for them.

Andersson, Johannes 1838 Father
Olausson, Inger Margareta 1840 Mother
(Barn), Karl Johan 1880 Child
(Barn), Axel Leonard 1883 Child
(Barn), August Robert 1885 Child
(Barn), Anna Maria 1888 Child
(Barn), Dagmar Axelina 1890 Child
living here
Record 1371884
Andersson, Johannes

b. 1838 in Bäve (Göteborgs och Bohus län, Bohuslän)

Man, married, father

Kristebäcken, backstuga
Lane-Ryr (Göteborgs och Bohus län, Bohuslän)

Place of birth (original source): Bäve Göteborgs och Bohus län

  • Moves To Norway.Bill Moller, Wed Aug 4 12:08
    Hi Hal, Looking for information on great grandmother and great,great grandfather who moved to Norway from Sweden. Alma Johansdotter...born 31st May 1877.Moved to Norway 1897 possibly from... more
    • Re: Moves To Norway. — ElsaPelsa, Thu Aug 5 02:15
      • Moves To NorwayBill Moller, Thu Aug 5 07:21
        Hi.Brilliant.I'm sure you have found the Alma I'm looking of birth,place of birth and move date to Norway all match.Many thanks. Bill M.
        • AlmaElsaPelsa, Fri Aug 6 01:19
          Hi Bill, did you know of Almas siblings? ep
          • Moves To NorwayBill Moller, Fri Aug 6 07:51
            Hi, No, I had no inkling that she was one of eight children. I only knew that she came from Sweden and possibly from the Gothenburg area. What is interesting is that she married the son of the other... more
      • Re: Moves To Norway.Anonymous, Thu Aug 5 02:57
        Hi again I checked a bit more on Alma and she moves to Norway 1898 ep here is the sources where I found the family SVAR 00082009_00059 the rest of the family lives here 00082010_00088 GenLine... more
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