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Re: Moves To Norway.
Thu Aug 5, 2010 02:57

Hi again I checked a bit more on Alma and she moves to Norway 1898

here is the sources where I found the family


the rest of the family lives here


  • Re: Moves To Norway.ElsaPelsa, Thu Aug 5 02:15
    Hi, in this family 1890 the daughter Alma is born 1877 may 31, could this be the person you are seeking she has a brother Anders Magnus but he is born 1872. Maybe a wild guess ep 1890 census cd... more
    • Moves To NorwayBill Moller, Thu Aug 5 07:21
      Hi.Brilliant.I'm sure you have found the Alma I'm looking of birth,place of birth and move date to Norway all match.Many thanks. Bill M.
      • AlmaElsaPelsa, Fri Aug 6 01:19
        Hi Bill, did you know of Almas siblings? ep
        • Moves To NorwayBill Moller, Fri Aug 6 07:51
          Hi, No, I had no inkling that she was one of eight children. I only knew that she came from Sweden and possibly from the Gothenburg area. What is interesting is that she married the son of the other... more
    • Re: Moves To Norway. — Anonymous, Thu Aug 5 02:57
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