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Bill Moller
Moves To Norway
Fri Aug 6, 2010 07:51

No, I had no inkling that she was one of eight children. I only knew that she came from Sweden and possibly from the Gothenburg area. What is interesting is that she married the son of the other relative I am trying to trace....Anders Magnus Johanssen... who moved to Norway in 1868. The fact that her oldest brother is also an Anders Magnus leads me to think that there may be a family connection between them in Sweden.Tenuous I know but I have to start somewhere and I do have the name of Ander's father..Johannes Olsen. Thanks again. Bill.

  • AlmaElsaPelsa, Fri Aug 6 01:19
    Hi Bill, did you know of Almas siblings? ep
    • Moves To Norway — Bill Moller, Fri Aug 6 07:51
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