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Johanson Brothers from Stockholm
Mon Aug 30, 2010 07:46

Can anyone help with the following?

Andrew James Johanson, born 29 April 1861 in Stockholm Sweden to Peter (Pehr) and Henrietta Johanson. He may have gone to America "temporarily" in 1879 according to Rotemansarkivet Stockholm records.

After 1902 I am unable to find Charles Henry Johanson, born 21 July 1877 in St. Nicholas, Stockholm to Peter and Adeline Maria Sophia Peterson Johanson. There are two notations in the Rotemansarkivet: 1) Military Data: 314-124-1898 and 2) Kyrkoskrivningår (need translation please). Does anyone know where I can find more information on the notations?

Peter and Adeline Maria Sophia Peterson Johanson had another son, Per Adolf Johanson born 6 June 1880 in St. Nicholas, Stockholm. I am unable to find him after 1892. The notations in his file on the Rotemansarkivet are under Education Data: 1889-1892; Kl.Fsk. Does anyone know what Kl.Fsk refers to?

Any help would be appreciated.

    • Re: Johanson Brothers from StockholmAnonymous, Tue Aug 31 01:18
      Hi, from my cd-s 1890 Johansson, Adine Maria Sofia 1841 Mor (Barn), Charles Henry 1877 Barn (Barn), Per Adolf 1880 Barn ---------- Petersson, Anna Katarina 1810 Ensam living here Post 179086... more
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