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Hal Bern
Sat Oct 23, 2010 17:14

What is GID # you are looking at? I can't find it.

Hal Bern

  • Andrew Johansontlhjch, Sat Oct 23 16:55
    Hal, can you check on the immigration of Andrew James Johanson, b. 29 April 1861. The Rotman Archives show his last known address as Storkyrko, Stockholm in 1878-1879 with a notation "Rest till... more
    • GID # — Hal Bern, Sat Oct 23 17:14
      • Andrew Johansontlhjch, Sat Oct 23 20:40
        I found the info on 21/04 1861. I am unable to get results using Andrew James Johanson in the search fields but when I enter his sister Fanny Augusta Johanson he ... more
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