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Re: Bror Erland Enggren emigration
Sun Oct 24, 2010 02:08

Hi I think it's this man from the 1880 census cd

1880 cd
Record 1880-1-2-628

Enggren, Bror Erland

b. 1858 in Hede (Jämtlands län, Härjedalen)

Man, single

Röda Bodarne N:o 1
Klara rote 2 (Stockholms stad, Uppland)

Kyrkobokföringsort: Klara Stockholms stad

Place of birth (in the database): Hede Jämtlands län

  • Bror Erland Enggren emigrationJeff, Sun Aug 29 14:26
    I have his birth record. I was hoping to get the Emibas data to see where he was at that time so I can trace him and his family back. I don't know where they go after he is born.
    • Re: Bror Erland Enggren emigrationElsaPelsa, Sun Oct 24 02:13
      Hi again, I found him in Emihamn cd leaving from Östersund Jämtland ep Efternamn: ENGGREN Förnamn: BROR ERLAND Ålder: 28 Kön: M Född: 1857/1858 Församling: ÖSTERSUND Län: Z Titel/Anm: Utresehamn:... more
    • Re: Bror Erland Enggren emigration — ElsaPelsa, Sun Oct 24 02:08
    • Bror ErlandHal Bern, Sun Aug 29 15:11
      Jeff No, he is not on Emibas. Hal Bern
    • Bror ErlandHal Bern, Sun Aug 29 15:02
      I have a copy Page 100 1856-1875 GID 2227.17.9500. Do have that one? Hal Bern
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