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Hal Bern
Ingrid Olsson
Sun Nov 21, 2010 13:02

Her parents were Olof Olsson and Kersti Bengtsdotter from Kärraboda.


  • Ingrid OlssonSandy Chrzanowski, Sun Nov 21 10:56
    I am trying to find information about Ingrid Olsson. She was born 13 April 1880 at the parish at Orkened in Kristianstad County, Sweden. She came to America when she was about 19. She was in... more
    • Ingrid Olsson — Hal Bern, Sun Nov 21 13:02
      • Ingrid Olsson's parentsSandy Chrzanowski, Mon Nov 22 11:46
        Do you have birthdates of Olof Olsson and Kersti Bengtsdotter? Do you know when and where they married? When they died? What about any children other than Ingrid? Was Kersti his "first wife" or... more
      • Ingrid Ollson (nm)Sandy Chrzanowski, Mon Nov 22 11:43
        • Ingrid OlssonHal Bern, Mon Nov 22 15:14
          If you'll send me an email address, I can send you images of her whole family. Hal Bern
          • Ingrid OlssonSandy Chrzanowski, Fri Nov 26 09:11
            When you say images are you talking pictures?
            • ImagesHal Bern, Fri Nov 26 12:11
              Images are scans of the original. Hal
              • Ingrid OlssonSandy Chrzanowski, Sat Nov 27 14:56
                Can you tell me what that image you sent me is from? And what the columns are? ex: Name etc I saw Oloff Olsson, Ingrid, Peter Alfred ?? Olsson, Katarina B (can't read the rest)names but not Kersti... more
              • Blommeryth, Sat Nov 27 07:26
                I do not see any images Meryth
          • Ingrid OlssonSandy Chrzanowski, Tue Nov 23 09:49
            My email address is: Thank you Sandy
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