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Hal Bern
Ingrid Olsson
Mon Nov 22, 2010 15:14

If you'll send me an email address, I can send you images of her whole family.

Hal Bern

  • Ingrid Ollson (nm)Sandy Chrzanowski, Mon Nov 22 11:43
    • Ingrid Olsson — Hal Bern, Mon Nov 22 15:14
      • Ingrid OlssonSandy Chrzanowski, Fri Nov 26 09:11
        When you say images are you talking pictures?
        • ImagesHal Bern, Fri Nov 26 12:11
          Images are scans of the original. Hal
          • Ingrid OlssonSandy Chrzanowski, Sat Nov 27 14:56
            Can you tell me what that image you sent me is from? And what the columns are? ex: Name etc I saw Oloff Olsson, Ingrid, Peter Alfred ?? Olsson, Katarina B (can't read the rest)names but not Kersti... more
          • Blommeryth, Sat Nov 27 07:26
            I do not see any images Meryth
      • Ingrid OlssonSandy Chrzanowski, Tue Nov 23 09:49
        My email address is: Thank you Sandy
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