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meryth Hilleborn
Wed Nov 24, 2010 11:32

OH I see what you mean. Anna is not the Anna his Wife.. It is Anna Blom,who married Charles Anderson.They lived in Spokane Wash.

  • BlomsHal Bern, Tue Nov 23 14:11
    Axle Gottfrid Blom was born 14 Aug 1886 in Hammarö, Värmland and his wife, Anna Kristina Nilson was born 3 Jul 1887 in Nyed, Värmland. Their daugter, Myrtle Kristina was born 25 Jan 1814 in Chicago,... more
    • blom — meryth Hilleborn, Wed Nov 24 11:32
    • blommeryth Hilleborn, Wed Nov 24 11:30
      I have understood that Axel was Anna Blom's son outside marriage. Once I saw him being with Anna in Spokane Wash,but somehow I can't find it again.. Meryth
      • Axel and AnnaHal Bern, Wed Nov 24 11:36
        Sorry, I can't help you there. Hal
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