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Greg Olson
Carl Olson's return trip
Sun Mar 6, 2011 15:27

Hey Hal ....

Yes .... Carl lived out his life in Wisconsin with his Norwegian wife Maren Pedersdtter Benrud. But in our family notes we have him having gone back to Sweden one time. We think he went back to Sweden ( not to stay ) but to either see his family and or help settle his parent's estate when they both died in 1897 (specualtion) He could have gone back in and around this time frame as his children were old enough to handle the farm for a few months.

Thanks again for your time !


  • Carl OlsonHal Bern , Sun Mar 6 15:02
    He was still in Cashton, WS in 1910 Census. Hal Bern
    • Carl Olson's return trip — Greg Olson, Sun Mar 6 15:27
      • Ellis IslandHal Bern , Sun Mar 6 16:32
        You might check Ellis Island Records to see if he passed thru there. Use the American spelling of his name. Hal
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