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Olsson emigrants
Mon Mar 7, 2011 04:01

One more :)

They had a sister Maria that died and this is her daughter born out of wedlock, she emigrated too
Do you know of those siblings of Carl?

Emibas cd
Post 814271
Johannesdotter Gullskog, Kristina
Hushållsarbetare (unmarried woman)

b. 9/14/1867 in Ny, Värmlands län (Värmland)

Emigrated 4/22/1887
from Hungalsvik, Ny, Värmlands län (Värmland)
to Nordamerika

0601887018 - Bilaga/ytterligare information finns. Kontakta Emigrantregistret i Karlstad

Source: Household Examination Roll, p. 93

Emibas migration file ID: Ny S 1887 018

  • Olsson emigrantsElsaPelsa, Mon Mar 7 03:55
    Looks like the brother took the name Hage too ep Emibas cd Post 814205 Olsson Hage, Johannes Jordbruksarbetare (unmarried man) b. 12/20/1865 in Ny, Värmlands län (Värmland) Emigrated 1/21/1884 from... more
    • Olsson emigrants — ElsaPelsa, Mon Mar 7 04:01
      • Johannesdotter Gullskog, KristinaGreg Olson, Tue Mar 8 17:24
        Yes / and thanks .... i have all of Carls siblings documented .... We (our family ) have been trying to find : Johannesdotter Gullskog, Kristina = the daughter to Maria born out of wedlock. After... more
        • Kristina GullskogElsaPelsa, Wed Mar 9 01:21
          I guess you have tried the censuses. She is not mentioned in the parents estate inventory 1898 as a daughter of the deceased Maria, so I don't know. ep
          • Kristina GullskogGreg Olson, Wed Mar 9 17:48
            Greetings .... I'll try the 1890 & 1900 USA censuses. The trouble is we think ? she changed her name / married. She seems to have just used the name Gullskog to come to America under. That is also a... more
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