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Petrus Eriksson
Tue Mar 8, 2011 02:21

There are 2 Petrus Eriksson born in Östervallskog one 1855 and the other 1856 both has fathers named Erik.

In the movings I can see another widower leaving for Australia Erik Persson and he is also punished for having intercoarse but not beeing married so he is probably the father of Edvard and Augusta and the person Ingeborg marries in Australia
tell me what you think?

Emibas cd
Post 795048

Persson, Erik
Änkling (widower)
b. 5/18/1816 in Östervallskog, Värmlands län (Värmland)

Emigrated 4/23/1872
from Navarsviken, Östervallskog, Värmlands län (Värmland)
to Australien

0731872007 - Bilaga/ytterligare information finns. Kontakta Emigrantregistret i Karlstad

Source: Household Examination Roll, p. 158

Emibas migration file ID: Östervallskog S 1872 007

  • Re: Petrus ErikssonAnonymous, Tue Mar 8 02:11
    A bit more The father dies 1863 and Edvard and Augusta are born out of wedlock The mother Ingeborg Persdotter,takes the children and emigrates but no mention of Fager maybe the father at some time... more
    • Petrus EriksonBarry Erickson, Tue Mar 8 02:51
      Elsapelsa..You Beauty. Its late I'll write tomorrow. Petrus' son William Sylvanus ERICKSEN, my grandad, and Petrus' half brother the young Alfred PEARSON, only two months old when the Hovding sailed, ... more
    • Petrus Eriksson — ElsaPelsa, Tue Mar 8 02:21
      • Petrus ErikssonElsaPelsa, Tue Mar 8 02:44
        Sorry I was wrong about the punishment it was for something different and in 1844. I can't find a birthbook for 1866 and 18689 to check Edvard and Augusta. ep
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