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Carl Gustaf Carlsson
Thu Jun 30, 2011 01:43

Hi, I looked at the page in the household and a son of them left the previous year.

Emibas cd
Post 137371
Carlsson, Carl Gustaf
Torparson (unmarried man)

b. 11/11/1849 in Tjärstad, Östergötlands län (Östergötland)

Emigrated 4/24/1868
from Solberget Hallstad, Tjärstad, Östergötlands län (Östergötland)
to Nordamerika

Source: Household Examination Roll, p. 169

Emibas migration file ID: Tjärstad E 1868 007

  • Holm Family EmigrationDean Schantz, Wed Jun 29 16:46
    Hal, Besides this Anders Johan, could you tell me how many, and which, children came with Carl and Inga Lena Holm? Dean
    • Carl Gustaf Carlsson — ElsaPelsa, Thu Jun 30 01:43
      • Carlson/Holm Dean Schantz, Thu Jun 30 06:08
        Thanks for finding this! I suspect there might be several other children, since the birth years span from 1841 to 1859, but I do not know if they emigrated. Dean
        • more childrenElsaPelsa, Fri Jul 1 02:21
          Hi again, I followed the family a bit and found one more son but he died young the parents married 1840 il
          • Carlsson/HolmDean Schantz, Fri Jul 1 06:19
            Oh! Just one more son! That is surprising. Thank you! Dean
    • CarlssonsHal Bern, Wed Jun 29 16:48
      There were just the two. Hal
      • Carlsson/HolmDean Schantz, Wed Jun 29 17:00
        Okay, Thank you. Dean
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