Karen Korkmas
Gustaf Arnold Andersson
Tue Oct 18, 2011 07:26

Well helloooooo Sten! Are you a descendant of Margot Andersson Rosen and a cousin of mine? I do hope you are. I have not been able to contact any of my grandfather's family back in Sweden. I have a list of old Swedish addresses for his siblings and mailed letters to each location a few years ago, but they all came back to me unopened (no longer good addresses for them). If we are in fact cousins, please email me at klkorkmas@hotmail.com and fill me in on the details. Hope to hear from you soon.

  • Gustaf Arnold Anderssonklkorkmas, Thu Mar 10 18:10
    My grandfather Gustaf Arnold Andersson,born May 19,1900 Gothenburg (Goteborg) Sweden. He was the son of Axel and Matilda. He had a twin brother. His siblings were Yngve, Valborg, Signe (she married a ... more
    • Gustaf Arnold Andersson — Karen Korkmas, Tue Oct 18 07:26
    • gustav arnoldsten rosen, Tue Oct 18 07:16
      hello karen. I can give you informations about yourelatives in sweden Huggs from sten.rosen@telia.com
    • SorryHal Bern , Fri Mar 11 11:28
      There's no listing for him. Hal
    • Gustaf ArnoldElsaPelsa, Fri Mar 11 01:30
      some info 1900cd Andreasson, Axel Ferdinand 1871 Father Andersson, Johanna Matilda 1870 Mother (Barn), Yngve Alexander 1898 Child (Barn), Gustaf Arnold 1900 Child living here Record 1303545 Gustaf... more
      • Gustaf Arnold Anderssonkaren korkmas, Fri Mar 11 08:53
        Thank you so very much, Elsa. I am so excited to get this piece of information my heart is racing. My grandfather passed away when I was two years old. I have some photographs of him and his parents... more
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