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Peter Johanson
Sat Nov 12, 2011 17:06

Does anyone have access to ArkivDigital and is good at deciphering old Swedish script? If so, would you check out
Umeå landsförsamling C:6(1817-1836) Image 50. At the top of the page is birth information for Peter, born in Stöcksjö on 9 December 1819. Can you give me a transcription for the parents, etc in the right hand column? Any help would be appreciated.

    • PeterElsaPelsa, Sun Nov 13 00:56
      Hi, you can look in the household to see the family ep AI:11a page 300 at the top AI:12b page 442 at the top
      • Peter Johanson translationtlhjch, Sun Nov 13 08:32
        Thanks Elsa, but I can't make out that image either. I guess I will just keep searching until I can find an image that I can read.
        • PeterElsaPelsa, Sun Nov 13 10:37
          ok the parents are according to AI:12b p 442 and AI:13b p 520 Johan Jonsson b. 1784 and Maja Cajsa Jonsdotter b. 1788 his parents; Jon Jonsson b.1747 and Helena Jonsdotter b. 1753 mother in law Anna... more
          • Re: Petertlhjch, Sun Nov 13 12:00
            Thank you so much. I could read the children but no matter what image I have found I could not read the parents' names and be sure I had them correct. Thank you again.
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